Friday, February 29, 2008

Show & Tell Friday Again!

It's Show & Tell time! Kelli is hosting, as usual, this fun event. Go sign up here and see who else is participating.
I am posting pictures of the ranch's springtime, and I have a tender spot for my critters. One of my favorite little yearling does got sick despite having been vaccinated for the disease. She is alive after aggressive treatments, but she is now, we think, blind. It is very sad to see, but the seizures she had may have done quite a bit of nerve damage. She will, of course, be able to live out all her days here being cared for. But still, it is sad if it's permanent.
SO...this little Show & Tell is dedicated to my ranch critters that I love, despite the stress at times, of being responsible for them.
This is T. riding Fancy around yesterday on the barrels that our friend Dan gave her for practice.
(notice the grass in the pasture is getting green already, and it's just February!)

Here is little Jubilee, my 3 month old Boer Nubian cross doeling. Isn't she pretty?
Her brother is all light red. Look at her nice, long ears. Perfect bell shape. I was so pleased with her.

Here are the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" three bucks. These are (red roan and white) Handsome Rob, (red and white splash in the middle) Gideon, and in the back, (the dark red and white with black trim,) Gimli.

This little creature is why some of my relatives no longer visit... *U* ha ha. This is a baby bull snake, and for some reason, they frequently come to live inside the house. This one was found in the boy's room yesterday. We played with him a bit, (well, mostly me) and then let him go out back in the flower bed. I thought he was quite handsome with his little black bandit mask. I did not appreciate the way he tried to pretend to be a boa constrictor and squeeze my fingers though. That was a tad bit creepty feeling.

Please excuse the unkempt look of my's hard to keep oneself "gussied up" out here *U*

Well, I have enjoyed having you visit my blog and giving you a little peek into my strange little world. Please leave me a comment, as I would like to hear from you, and I'd like to visit you, too.


  1. Handsome Rob huh? I think someone must've been watching "The Italian Job!" Thanks for sharing. It's getting greener every day here in Texas. The Redbuds and Bradford Pears are covered in buds!

    I got bounced today, somehow I didn't quite fit into the guidelines. That's okay, my post stands as is.

  2. Sorry you got bumped...weird. Yes, I did watch "The Italian Job" ha ha! The name and character were SO fitting for a buck goat!

  3. Nice pics---I haven't seen a snake like that before. Pretty though!

  4. Barrel racing....okay
    But SNAKES?!!!!! They frighten me to no end.

    My SnT is posted. If you haven't dropped by, I sure hope you can!! Happy Friday.

  5. Um sorry...took me a moment to come to from the vapors that you gave me by PLAYING WITH A SNAKE THAT YOU FOUND IN THE HOUSE......sorry, passed out again but I am back. GIRL!! You are one brave woman! I know you get this a lot from us whiny snake scared chicks but Jeez Lou-eez, that freaks me out! Have a happy weekend and I personally hope that it is snake free...Jen

  6. What a beautiful blog! I'm glad to read! May the Lord blessed ya big time!!!

  7. The goats? are so cute. Holding a snake, thats a little creepy. Great show and tell, thanks for sharing.

  8. Love those floppy ears! And your soaps sounds simply delightful!


  9. I'm scare of snakes. I am so sad about your critter maybe blind for life. I have a black lamb that I just gave a shot to for a sickness that had his eyes glazed over and goo coming out. I gave him 1 cc of the medicine. I was scared to death. I did it form instructions over the phone from my husband. I think little blackie will be okay after this. Kathi

  10. You are BRAVE holding that snake!!!! But those goats... well, they are just too cute!!!!

    You have a pretty blog!!

    Mrs. U

  11. Not mad about snakes either - I guess it's not the poisonous sort or you wouldn't have been cuddlin' up to him - RIGHT?!

    I love Anglo-Nubian goats - always wanted a couple here - but my husband said no, and so we just stuck to lots of poultry. And now the horses.

    Sorry to hear about the little doe, but at least she has a safe home for life with you. The Barrel racing looks FUN!

  12. love the horse, like the goats.... the snake, well not so much;-)

    i just wanted to stop in and thank you for your encouragement re: the using locally produced foods and eating/purchasing more responsibly kinda stuff. i have been finding lots more resources than i ever dreamed were available, and i am so encouraged and excited! i have been feeling convicted for quite some time, but reading your posts on the subject are what really bumper me over the edge to make some real changes.

    thanks so much!((hugs))

  13. I just love all your photos, even the bull snake. The goats are absolutely beautiful. I have a soft spot for goats. Enjoyed my visit.

  14. You made me scream right here at my computer. I hope you're proud of yourself. Haha!!

  15. I love animals, not so crazy about
    snakes, but as long as your holding
    it, its okay! This is a cute post,
    I'll show my daughter she'll love
    it with OOOHHHs + AAAHHHs!

  16. As usual, wonderful S&T. You can pop on over to my S&T at

  17. Im a pretty tough cookie... and zi dont really mind snakes... Im not a screamer. *Ü* But if I found that in my house... all would not be well. lol

    He is a handsome snank though... very nice of you to paly with him. *Ü*

    I love all your goats! They are so darn cute! The 3 biilys made me giggle...

    What a wonderful life you have my dear.


  18. I loved seeing all of your cute critters! Your farm looks like a fun place!

  19. Love your blog!! I so enjoyed your show and Tell:)


  20. I was just checking in to see what you've been up to:)

    I always enjoy your blog.


  21. I missed your S&T last week because I was sick. I have to say no snakes dare enter our yard (BigDumbDog would make quick work of them). This guy is so tiny! I'm not a big snake handler, but I probably could have managed him. The garden is the best place for him too! No lost berries to rodents!

  22. ha ha *U* I don't lose berries to rodents- I have farm cats. I love berries and eerything else to goats that get loose!


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