Monday, March 10, 2008


One of my kids...*U*

This is a Boer/Nubian cross. As if there wasn't enough going on around here, I have decided to start breeding mini Nubians and maybe Nigerian Dwarfs and give up the Boers altogether. They are too big for my sore back to wrangle during feet trimming time, etc.

I figure smaller breed might be easier to handle. I'll still keep my favorite Nubians of course. Those fuuny girls are my buddies- and the bucks might be nasty, but they are my boys, and Handsome Rob is part of the family. He's the on that was so sick as a bottle baby and lived inthe house. Remember that funny picture of me cooking at the stove, and Handsome Rob up on his hind legs, front feet on the counter next to me watching me cook? he he. Betcha don't want to be invited to dinner at my house now! (There are no goats currently living in the house, and it was as painful for me as it would be for you. I'm a clean freak)


  1. A girl after my own heart--I am a clean freak too---:)

    Your goats are just soo cute. I wonder which is harder, cutting there toenails or changing my baby's diaper...LOL---He won't stay still ;)


  2. Add me to the clean freak club!! I miss having goats, they are so funny and entertaining! I've emailed you but wanted to let you know I have your clipboard ready to send, just need your addy. Thanks!


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