Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blog Party '08

Did you know there's a blog party goin' on? If you want to win some cool prizes, meet a ton of new people, and get some traffic to your own blog- sign up!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

My top three prizes:

(I have chocolate at the top- of course! *U*)

1) 70 — ChocolateProvided by: The ChocolistasPrize details: The Chocolistas is offering a chocolate prize which will include: 1/4 lb. chocolate covered almonds, 1/4 lb. chocolate covered raisins, 1/4 lb. chocolate covered peanuts, 1/4 lb. chocolate covered cashews, and 1/4 lb. dark chocolate covered pecans.

2) 72 — WebcamProvided by: LizPrize details: Liz at This Full House is giving away a Logitech QuickCam Pro 2000 webcam, she received on her review blog, courtesy of the promoters for - a video instant messaging service. The prize is valued at $100.

3) 67 — Blog MakeoverProvided by: ShaunaPrize details: Shauna from See My Designs is giving away a FREE Blog Makeover for your Blog. This includes a new header, custom background and signature to match! (For my Goat blog- not this one *U*)

Those are the prizes I' like to win...I'm offering a prize too!
it's number seventy-something on the prize page *U*
A soap deck set, like the one pictured below, and also a lotion bar and lip butter. This is good stuff!


Today I made four batches of soaps: Buttermilk Rosemary Complexion Bar, Passionfruit Rose, Texas Blue Bonnet, and my new, improved Cinnie Buns. What a satisfying day. I also made up some soap labels and caught up on a few other things.

If you sign up for my Hick Chicks Soap Barn newsletter, you will see this month's special- it's for subscribers only *U*


  1. Your soap looks amazing... I listed it as one of the things I'd like to win. :)

  2. I have always wanted to learn about soap making....but I have a serious lack of time...thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my goodness...that chocolate prize sounds divine! And I really REALLY need some for the next 4 days- if you know what I mean. :-) I also want to know more about the husband wants to raise goats for some reason, and you're the first person "in real life" that has them.

    Anyway, great party! I'll be back later!

  4. I'm interested in the soap package as well. It sounds great!

  5. I love your prize...homemade soap! Lovely! I've got a Michigan address!

    Thanks for partying with The Chocolistas! (My sister-in-law and I are behind that blog!)

    I like your blog. I bookmarked ya!

    Inviting you to party with me!

    Win a handmade pocket place mat:

    Join me this month at A Cup of Joy for Missions Month:

  6. It's so nice to meet you. Funny, you're prize offering is on my "must have" list - thank you for bringing it to the party.

    Good luck on winning the webcam we are offering up at my place ;o)

    Small world.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  7. dalyn,
    Can't figure out the coded message you left on my blog, drooling over what??

  8. You have the cutest stuff! Seriously. I love your packaging...which let's face it. It's all in the pkg. It drives my husband nuts! I've very visual!!!! I checked your other posts andyour kitchen is oober cute as well. You're just oozing creative! I'm glad to meet ya!

  9. Wow! Your soaps sound heavenly!

  10. Hi there, nice to meet you :) I looked through your blog a bit and I have to admit, I've never seen so many different eggs!

  11. Great Blog party! I enjoyed your post and pictures! Come on by, have some food, and do some dancing!


  12. Howdy. ;) You are so crafty. Love the little pink hearts on that lovely chocolate background. Mmmmm chocolate!

    Happy blog party!

  13. Hi! I’m Cher – – nice to meet you!!

    You are on my list as a favorite gift!! Love your stuff!! :)

    Come visit me at my Party - Music, Cartoons, Games and Party Favors! We’re giving away an Award-winning Stardust lullaby CD!

    Sign up on our mailing list for a chance at our monthly giveaway!
    Happy Partying!! Cher :)

  14. Hello! I bet your house smells pretty good after making all that soap! =)

  15. i want to sniff your soap! :-)
    i would love to learn more about how you make it!

  16. Oh, I love natural-made soaps. For gift giving though, because I have too many allergies to use them myself. I just live vicariously through my friends and family and buy them what I think smells good. Happy blog partying!

  17. Just ringing the doorbell to say hello! Come see me some time. Until then, party hardy.

  18. Stopping by to say hi. I've visited you before, but I forgot why.

    Anyway, have fun!

  19. Just visiting from the party, great blog you have. Hope you are meeting lots of nice people, I know I sure am. I'll have to go have a closer look around your site while I'm here.
    I bet your soap makin makes your house smell fresh all the time!

  20. Hi Dayln!

    Can't wait for your newsletter!!


  21. Dalyn, I have received my soap order and I am overjoyed! They are wonderful. It is like giving myself "the spa treatment" everytime I step into the shower. Even my husband is hooked!

    Thank for the little extras that you tucked in. I have posted a photo on my blog. We'll be back for more!

    Be blessed,

  22. hi. this is a nice site you have here and very "homey". I'll be back later.

  23. Your blog is too cute. Happy party.

  24. woohoo a party! Hey... how come I wasnt invited? JK...

    Off to read more of the haps...


  25. Guess who won prize #70?
    Yep it's you! Please be patient while the prize donor is contacted. They will be in touch with you soon. Congratulations!!!!!!!


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