Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Farm Kitchen...

Our first ever goose egg! Laid today- G. watched the goose lay it and promptly, in good African style, ran up behind, grabbed it away from the unsuspecting goose and brought her trophy in the house. It's sitting next to some fresh chicken eggs. I love this picture!

I love my kitchen. It's a "farm kitchen" even though I technically live on a ranch. It's got a big, curved window overlooking my pasture and all the way across this part of the valley to the foothills. I can see two mountains on a clear day.

Here's my Jen Air stove where our meals are cooked and where the oils and beeswax and butters are melted for soaping and other beauty products.

The old chick feeder with pip berry is hanging from ribbon above in the cubby space. I found it in an old shed that now houses my Boer goats.

On my kitchen counter for most of the year is a real treat- farm fresh eggs. Daily there are fresh eggs waiting to be scrambled, fried, or baked...look at the variety! Aren't they gorgeous? You can't compare farm fresh eggs to some nasty, chemical coated, look-alike factory eggs. Not even close!

When we have a new layer just starting her career of supplying us, this often you see the tiny little greenish egg? Isn't that cute? I always cook those up even though they sometimes don't have a yolk, like this one, for the smaller kids. They love it.

I couldn't help but to snap a quick picture of one afternoon's gathering results- I love that you never know quite what you're going to get. See the difference in sizes? There's the tiny one, and then two others with slightly different size and color.

I love our fresh eggs, milk, and whatever else we have in any given season of the year. If you can't grow it yourself, at least buy local from someone who can. The taste is superior by far, as well as better nutrition.

My kitchen is always busy. In my kitchen these are some of the things that go on...

soap making


grain grinding

coffee sipping and chatting

Bible study


bathing just-butchered chickens or turkeys & preparing for the freezer

lotion bar making

pancake griddling

bread kneading

kefir fermenting

buttermilk culturing

raw beet pickling

salad tossing

goat milk cheese making

Magazine browsing

....and this is just the start. I love my kitchen!


  1. It sounds like you have a lovely kitchen! A good sign of a happy home is when the family hangs out in the kitchen and not in front of the television. :)

    By the way, your eggs look beautiful. My younger sister has a goat and a lot of chickens and my husband and I make sure to get some of those delicious organic eggs.

  2. I love your kitchen too...I just got done scramblin up some of our farm fresh eggs for dinner. Yum.

  3. Your kitchen sounds just delightful! And so much fun to share time in.

  4. Dalyn - your kitchen sounds wonderful! Your kitchen truly is the heart of your home. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  5. What? No snake handling this week?

    (That was you last week wasn't it cause otherwise.....oops on this comment)

    Cool eggs and cool words too!!
    Be blessed, Jen

  6. What beautiful eggs! You've got your Easter eggs right there w/out the dye.

  7. Sure now I'm hungry! We used to by farm fresh eggs from a guy in West Valley, but the in-laws don't travel out that way anymore. :( There is a couple at church that will bring in their extras green Aracuna eggs (they lay the green ones right?) they are so good. Then I was buying the no-hormone, no-antibiotic brown eggs at Fiesta Foods for $1.98 a dozen, and they've been out for a good month!

    I love fresh chicken! I couldn't ever do the butchering or cleaning, but the taste cannot be beat. I still remember the time I was spending the night at my aunt and uncles in Buena and they cooked one of the hens in BBQ sauce. Makes my mouth water after all these years (she's been gone for almost 8).

    Almost planting time here! Actually I should get some peas in the ground now.

  8. The kitchen is THE heart of a home! We are planning on buying some land and building a cabin when we retire in 8-10 years. When discussing house plans my Hub made the mistake of saying,
    "You won't need as big of a kitchen then". I quickly piped in,
    "It's MY dream too!" Ha Ha!

  9. Oh, can I come live with you??? We would love fresh eggs every morning. That little blue egg is beautiful...Do you ever blow out the insides and use the eggs for displays? We spend our summers on Whidbey Island and when I was little we always bought our eggs from the local egg farm which has since closed. I loved to go to the "egg lady" it's true, there is nothing better then farm fresh that's for sure! Great show and tell!

  10. I love the top photo too. And I am like many others here...I'd love to live with you. Or at least a close neighbor. So healthy in lifestyle if you ask me.

    Have a great weekend, hope you can drop by my show n tell if you haven't already.

  11. WOW this was really an interesting show & Tell. Thanks for sharing all of that!!! You are one busy lady.

  12. Sounds like you have a really busy kitchen!

    My husband's sister used to raise laying hens, and you're right, store-bought eggs just can't compare to fresh ones!

    I didn't know the little ones had no yolks!

  13. I enjoyed your post! I just bought a few bars of your soap and can not wait to try them The scents I chose sound wonderful!

  14. OHHH, I wish we were neighbors--I would never leave your kitchen...LOL:)


  15. I love your kitchen also. We have no hens at present. I needed a break from the hens, just a short break. I miss the fresh eggs, however. Your eggs are very pretty. I remember those first tiny eggs. They are so cute.


  16. Hi. I love your kitchen. I love how you used the chicken feeder above the sink. Very creative. I dream your life. I have 3 horses and 2 mini. donkeys currently. And I would love to have some chickens. I loved seeing the eggs. We had a boarder once that brought a couple of chickens and they kept us in fresh eggs. I loved it. I enjoyed visiting. Come over and visit me.

  17. Duck eggs are really good and really big! We don't have ducks anymore so now we have to eat "nasty" eggs. :-)
    I enjoyed hearing and seeing your kitchen and your beautiful eggs.

  18. lol... wow! I love it... what pretty pictures too Dalyn... what a blessing indeed!



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