Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Meanderings of My Mind...

My life has changed so drastically over the past few years. I mean major changes...a move, a change in lifestyle, finances, and kids became teens, and we adopted (a few times but that's a long story). Living on this ranch is really a dream come true. I had always, as a child, wanted a couple of things: to live on a farm or ranch, to have a husband (grew up without a man in the house) and to have kids- a "real" family, I called it. *U* As anybody can see the Lord blessed me with all of that. I know in many ways I am really, really, richly blessed. But changes can still be hard...

I welcomed each change and longed for it before it came. Last year, however, too many changes overwhelmed me, and the one that pushed me over was an adoption.

I wasn't really ready for all that entailed. I highly recommend a very full, in-depth, honest education about that- especially for older child adoptions. Especially ones that have lived through a war and poverty and a culture that would curl your toes. Lots of people email me or even call me (how do they get my #?) about adopting. I have to say I really have little experience in this area...I know what NOT to do- but not too much else. Our story has had a good ending so far, but for much of last year it did not look good. If you have younger children I don't encourage you adopt an older child. There's time. Wait. Raise your babies. Protect your babies.

I'd love to do foster/adopt. I love a yard full of little boys with their guns and bows, arrows, shields, and grubby little hands. I think growing up without brothers or a father made me really long for males around. I must admit, I'd love to have a house full of sons. With all the trauma and drama from last year I doubt tha twill happen, so I hold on to a future with grandsons some day. Yahoo! Overall I think adoption can be wonderful, but it's not the fairytale we all think it is while we are waiting for paperwork to be can be a nightmare if not done wisely. I know lots of older kids need homes, but while you are raising your own children I would suggest babies.
If not, well then, be prepared to grow eyes in the back of your head. Radar ears, and the patience of Job. *U*
I thought I'd give an update on our little sick goat. She's likely aspirated once or twice and dealing with pneumonia now, but overall is doing better. The vet is amazed she was alive at all past the first day- her major organs were all shutting down even then, but it's not like she can take any credit for helping- my husband did that. She is alive and even her eyesight has returned! She was blind for a few days- I'm not sure if it's back 100% but she is able to see to some degree now. She loves to spend her days walking circles or lounging in the sun in the corral.
We may be giving the old pony away to someone for company to his one and only horse, and that makes room for two older horses we were offered that are rideable. That way whe the kids all want to ride, we can do so again.
Well, it's time to get something done and get of this computer- the kids all just woke up and are getting their barn chores done.


  1. You are a woman of great strength. I admire your efforts to care for those in need.

    And so glad that the little goatie has regained her sight and is feeling better. Wonderful news!


  2. Dalyn, what a great post. So many people believe that adoption will be a wonderful cakewalk. It isn't always. I've been through a tough adoption with our daughter, too, although it wasn't from Africa, and she was 2 when we got her (she's almost 10). I admire you for being brave enough to state the truth - people need to hear it! So glad that your little goat is doing better - halleluia!
    ~ Audrey ~

  3. thanks to you both...I appreciate your kind words :)

  4. Ah sweet little goat! I hope healing is fast!

    There are 2 lambs in the field I drive past on hwy 821 each morning. They can't be more than 2 weeks, as we see mamma all the time (Mo likes to either baaa or mooo when we pass her) and I just saw them this week. Must have been born while I was out with the flu.

  5. Yay Dalyn, I just backtracked to this post and it's good to hear the little goat is doing better. You seem like such a kind person, distributing care and love all around you.


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