Sunday, April 13, 2008


I have never aspired to be a "Soccer Mom"...never. I find myself living life inbetween soccer pratice and soccer games this spring thogh. My two youngest kids are both playing on Upward teams, which is Christian, and actually really good.
But the inbetween stuff- which is my real life *U* (I'll never be a real or good soccer mom, as I just don't get into it!) is keeping me so, so busy.
Here's just a brief listing of what we are trying to take care of and do here:
Homeschooling 4 kids-
goat and getting ready fro spring kids to come
poultry and eggs, including new chicks under lights
horses, and spring tune-ups on horsey attitudes! (someone actually thinks they are going to ride us?! Ha!)
soaps and the business
kombucha, kefir, and sour dough that all requires TLC-eek!
Bible study
Family and friends- the good part
trying to help others who are hurting- this isto remain private, but for those who adopted from a certain orphange, all is not well in a majority. ugh. I do not recommend older kids from Liberia as candidates for adoption.
Then of course there's the cooking, cleaning, shopping, aundry, and general family relationships to deal with...
It may sound a little daunting, and of course sometimes it is- but it's a good life.
I wake up to sunshine from my 360 degree views pouring into my country home, and the sound of roosters crowing and birds singing in the fruit trees, and I know my life is in the hands of a merciful and loving God.
All is well on the homefront.


  1. Hey Ms. Dalyn. Just popping in to say hi. We are missing you on the MJ forums, but it seems you have your hands full! Have a great spring!

  2. Thank you for the post! I sometimes forget that I am not the only one in the world with craziness going on! Our lives are VERY similar right now. Dance recitals, piano recitals, homeschooling 5, baby chicks and turkeys to get settled, new puppy, and the cold weather in Michigan this spring has not helped my attitude. Thank you for helping me look at the other stuff. I am happiest here doing all that stuff and just need to learn not to complain about the other things that also need to be done, and letting the day to day stuff become the blame when in fact I need to find peace in being blessed with what we have and have to do.

  3. Your life reminds me of mine!!!



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