Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You Might Be a Redneck...

....if this is your idea of keeping the lawn mowed...

and the only way it differs from your next door neighbor is not brand name, but breed.

I just threw in this picture of my oldest boy as bonus.
What a goober!


  1. I love your tiny sized lawnmowers in the background!

    And Okay, I have to your son blowdrying his arm pit hair? Why?

  2. OK NOW..who is the goober mama who posted this here picture...I have now made it my backdrop for my lap top so we can pray for one of you dear darlin' eastside GOOBERS !!


  3. m, well, ya. He was blow drying his armpit hair. Yup. Just trying to make his sister laugh- she was the one taking pictures!

  4. LOL, so you have goofy kids too, huh?? And I love your lawn mowers, wish I could have that kind. Alas the city would probably not be happy. Sigh..... Thanks for sharing the cute pics.


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