Friday, April 18, 2008


Spring is here even though it's cold and windy...

We have had some fun with the animals, new and old!

Below, this handsome little Nigerian Dwarf is from Herron Hill. We call him Barbosa. Look at those lovely blue eyes! He's my start to a herd of Mini Nubians.

This stout guy is Doug's new horse, Hank. Funny name *U* He's a huge horse and we look forward to alot of summer riding in the hills on this giant's back.

This pretty girl romping in the front yard and playing all day on the slide board is Jubilee, Boer and Nubian cross.

This is my new horse, Vic. He's a pretty tall Quarter horse. He's older, and super sweet and gentle- just my speed *U*


  1. Love the photos...Hank would be a great horse for Stephanie as she is 6'4" should see her on a horse where her legs almost touch the ground...hilarious:-)

    Have a great weekend dear sister,


  2. That's a lot of new critters!! How cool. Love the Nigerian dwarf!! Your ranch just keeps growin...have fun!

  3. Awwww, little Barbosa is ADORABLE! The horses look great - won't be long until those winter coats are shedding off!!! My childhood horse, born June 10, 1970, will be 38 this coming June!! She lives with my sister back in Ontario still!!!!! She was galloping around the field the other day. Thanks for the pics!
    Audrey xoxo


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