Monday, April 21, 2008


This is Kito, our oldest daughter's horse. She has raised him from a colt, and is training him herself. She rode him around quite a bit today and they did well!


We had rotten weather on and off today- hailing, cold winds, and then sun again. Teasing.
We live in "horseville"- I mean we are surrunded by horses! We are on a small horse ranch ourselves, and completely surrounded by other ranches. Horse trainer, breeders, farriers, and just horse "folks". It's so great!

One of the great benefits and convenience of where we live is that our neighbor is a farrier and when we need feet trimmed or shoes put on, we just call "down at the neighbor's house".

Friendly lookin' guy, huh? He really is *U*

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  1. Nothing better than having the farrier close by!


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