Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cheesemaking Find

Look what I found at Target! I usually don't shop there, but I stopped in a couple days ago, and I'm so glad I did.

This Chefmate fruit and vegetable keeper is perfect for straining soft cheeses in the fridge with no mess and no rigging up a hook or's nice and compact and tidy. I love it! It was $15 and I realize I can just use the colander and bowl method, but this was just too perfect to pass up.

The bottom comes off easily, so when it's filled with drained off whey, I'll just empty it out every so often. I haven't had opportunity to use it yet because the health food store is all out of rennet and cultures. I need to order online today. I am just itching to try this out!

There's a divider in the middle that you can use if making two different flavors of cheese, or take it out for a big batch and use the whole thing. There's also a little humidity control dial as you can see. What a fun toy for mamma!


  1. Let us all know how it works. I'm really itching to try & make some soft cheese for the basil that's growing in the garden.
    Kristine aka Herbquilter

  2. That's so cool. Make sure to tell us how it works - I always make such a mess with the bowl/colander/cheesecloth method :)


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