Thursday, June 12, 2008

Evening Horseback Ride & Chores

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Doug and I got the luxury of an evening ride together. There are lots of photos, so it will take awhile to load this page. Sorry! I left out quite a few too. There were just too many good shots tonight!

We have the bliss of living in the country surrounded by horse ranches and apple orchards. When we want to ride, we can do so for hours just around our own home.


Doug giving my gelding a little workout prior to the ride.

Doug on his gelding. We are a little ways down the road here, alongside the pear orchard.

Me, squinting in the sun.

Stopped at our friend's who live down the dirt road, Jenny & Dary. They have a small horse ranch too. jenny's horse is a drop dead paint. Can't wait until we all ride together. Dary runs cattle and is a really good horseman. He trains horses now and again.

Rode along the elk fence. See the foothills beyond? Full of rattlesnakes and sagebrush. This is what it all looked like before irrigation and the planting of orchards. Pretty.

This is past the apple orchard, along the elk fence. Trust me, this fence doesn't keep the elk out of the orchards! They leap it like it's nothing.

I love this view from the top of the hill above the orchards by my house. I can see my grey barn and white corral from here.

All along the apple trees they have stacked up their apple boxes already.

This hay just got baled yesterday. I love watching them "make hay". I always wish it would float into my barn when nobody's looking!

Heading back...I can see our barn clearly from the road down below my little ranch on the hill.

Back home we let the horses loose after a good brushing, treat, and hoof picking. Now it's time to give the goat barn some attention...but not before Handsome Rob gets a scratch from Daddy. Can you believe this giant is the little goat in the picture from last year- the one where I'm in the kitchen and the goat kid is stretching up to see what I'm doing on the counter?
The 3 Nubian bucks free range our 10 acre pasture, and at least 40 of the neighbor's. They are fat!
Little miss Praise insists she and her daughters be fed first!

Some of the rest of the girls with their faces bured in fresh hay and the goose looking on making sure there's no trouble.


  1. Always fun to see someones life,
    so different than my own. Love
    the photos!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how I envy the horse ride. I had a sorrel many years ago, and miss riding now that we live in the city. What a glorious adventure you shared with us.

    Can I brush 'em down next time? Purdy please.

    Happy Show n Tell. Hope you can stop by and see my book collection today.

  3. As a "city girl" your farm sounds heavenly. I'm sre I have NO IDEA how hard the work is! It does sound very rewarding though. Thanks for sharing the lovliness around you!

  4. Looks like you enjoyed your outing. The horses are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I was just writing today how I would love to live out in the wide open spaces and farm. Thank you for sharing with us.


  6. Hootin' Anni, You can come brush these horses can come ride 'em! They don't get it enough- they are fat and sassy!

  7. How wonderful to have so much land on which to ride your horses. They are very pretty.

    I enjoyed all of your photos. Thanks for sharing them on Show & Tell.

  8. Pretty country side--every place has a beauty of its own!! Our creator new what He was doing!! Blessings.

  9. Great pics! I love horseback riding!!!! Haven't been in a long, long time... Been really enjoying your blog. I have a sister named, Dalynn with two n's. Thought I'd share. :)

  10. Great show & tell! Someone else here said what I was thinking too... our lives are VERY different. I really enjoyed the farm stories.

  11. What a beautiful place to ride !!! I enjoyed the pics so much


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