Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Children, Goats, and Horses, Oh My!

Today was busy and fun!

I had my last doe kid, right on her due date, conveniently in the afternoon, an unassisted. A yearling, who did a terrific job! She gave me beautiful twin does. We got mamma her grain and warm molassas water, made sure the afterbirth came out, cleaned up the babies and made sure they got their colostrum and dipped their cords...

My oldest daughter made a delicious dinner: homemade from scratch beef pasties with freshly ground flour. Oh these were good! We ate them with spring greens salad with all the fixin's and a gooey brownie pie for desert.

We have some very cute little houseguests overnight while their parents are on a romantic get-away, and I think they are enjoying the friends and critters here. Their oldest son really has a way with the animals, as you can see by Kito's devotion in the picture above. He spent a loooong time standing up by the yard to get a scratch by the fence.

I let the boys give him carrots.

Now all the animals are bedded down for the night, including the new babies, and the children are settled down in their sleeping bags in the familyroom watching Narnia, in the hopes that the little girls will drift off to sleep while the boys whisper about bold adventures and body noises and smells. Boys will be boys *U*

My oldest girl and their oldest girl are down in the sewingroom, making a nightgown out of one of the nice bedsheets. I just gritted my teeth and smiled at my teenager. I guess she could be doing worse things, huh?


  1. that is very sweet. Our last doe had twin girls, too. SO SWEET. hurry up and come to TN for a visit!

  2. Love the pictures! At one point--I think maybe a year or more ago--you were kind enough to ship me kefir grains. They are still making wonderful kefir. Perhaps you chould ship the beef pasty making daughter just like you shipped the kefir grains? No? You want to keep her? Aww... ok. How about the recipe then? ;)

    Thanks for sharing your days! I enjoy your blog!

  3. What cute pictures....and can I assume that there is NO photo of the dessert because it was eaten before the camera came out???

    Have a great weekend dear friend.


  4. HI! Found you through Love your wallpaper!

    you sound like me! Except for the critters although I dream of chickens and goats...nedd to research Philly suburb laws.

    i have a blog to - its about re-learning how to garden, compost, sew, knit can, jar etc...I grew up on a farm but moved into the city to chase a singing career...

    I hope you can visit me sometime at

    Elizabeth, PA


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