Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Taking Advantage...

of a tired man.

Coming off a 48 hour shift, I think Doug was too tired to fight against the wiles of little girls who like to play "beauty parlor" . I'm so glad we have a nice Daddy. This little girl isn't even his!

Planning which "hair do" should be attempted.

It begins...he's sleepy, and the hairbrushing is soothing. He doesn't fight it.


There's pictures of this?!!


  1. ROFL! Thats too funny :) We miss hanging out with you guys and laughing.

    Have fun with the L kids tonight!

  2. I remember when our girls were smaller and painted daddys toenails while he was asleep, lol

  3. Love the photos...I remember our girls doing that to DH...what a sport to allow you to post them on your blog...or does he even know???



  4. Hey! Found your blog throiugh I love your walpaper - and your profile - you remind me of me! Bible, four kids, great husband (necessary with four kids to raise!) coffee...except for the critters - I only have one (a field trial springer spaniel) but dream of adding chickens and goats - I now live in the suburbs of Phildelphia and need to research poultry laws...

    I have a blog, too. Its about re-learning how to garden and sew and knit and commpost. i grew up on a hobby farm in Minnesota, eventually got into music (singer)so moved to the city and stayed for 15 years.

    i hope you can come visit me at

    I look forward to getting to know you better. Going to go read more of your blog!

  5. that's funny, what a nice dad!

    love you,


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