Thursday, October 9, 2008

After Much Consideration...

I decided I better just delete the post on why I LOVE the Duggars. I was very sad to see that instead of the usual nasty comments from people who don't like Christians or large families, I got nasty comments from the other crowd. Wow. It's plain to see that you can't please people, and since I won't bother trying, I felt it better to just delete the post. The Duggars are controversial for all kinds of folks. *U*
Oh well, in the meantime, the sun came out, and we are making soap with a nice family (yes, large and they wear skirts *U*) and the guys are going to site in their rifles to get ready for hunting.


  1. WOW! The awesome part of having your own blog is to get to say whatever you want in your own space in this GIANT world! I am sorry you felt the need to delete your entry due to others opinions. I myself have never seen that show, and had never heard of them before your post. I don't particulary agree with that whole way of life, but it's amazing that anyone would feel the need to critisize you in your own space for your own opinion! Stand strong! :-)

  2. What a shame you had to do that. Especially since I hadn't gotten a chance to read it yet! That family fascinates me. We don't have television, so I won't be able to see it, regrettably. We don't wear skirts all the time here, but our children will definitely be courting.

    Have you seen "A Journey Home" from Franklin Springs Media? Excellent documentary about another large family.

    Hey, by the way, we're LOVING our goats! They've become my favorite animal!


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