Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Raw, continued...

Of course I have made salsa- it's raw, and how can you go wrong?

I use what I have, but my basic recipe is:

In the food processor throw in:

large bunch of cilantro

dried dark red chiles to taste

chunked walla walla sweet onion

ripe tomatoes

roasted and peeled green chiles if you have them


any other hot peppers/ chile peppers you like

scallions (green onions)

salt & pepper

a little olive oil

*I never measure, so do it all to taste *U*

My family loves it in huge quantities and they like it hot! I usually make a gallon to last 2 weeks in the fridge.

Here's the raw almond butter that I did not love. Doug kept saying it needed "more salt...or something" but I thought it too salty already. I guess I am just used to the dark, roasted almond buttter. At any rate, 75% raw, not 100% for me! I'm eating this how I like it! Roasted!

With a heaping spoon of the almond butter, and the rest of what was left in my Vita Mix, I added water and a little raw honey and made a nice Almond Mylk. I used it for baking almond millet muffins, which turned out delicious.

I had two lovely ladies and their daughters here to visit over the weekend- I had met them last year at an Adoptive Mom's retreat, and I adore them! I didn't want to scare them off with my "raw experiment" so we had those divine almond millet muffins with a huge pot of meaty white bean soup, made with a huge farm raised smoked pork hock. yum! They did bring some raw fruit and made a fruit salad to share with dinner, so we still had a little "raw".

Here's what the visiting kids did while we ladies visited: rode the quad~

They also played Uno Attack and hide and seek.

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  1. The salsa looks does the almond butter..I've never had that...sounds great though.

    Have a great day!


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