Monday, October 20, 2008

Raw Report

I have been so busy making raw food, I thought I'd report on it. I am new to this, and have been a whole foods, raw milk person for a few years, so raw food is a whole new world. Like everything else, it will be a hit and miss operation for awhile *U*
  1. Raw Granola- easy, and better than baked!
  2. Raw Almond Butter- turned out right, but was gross. I'm used to roasted and I will just stick with that, since it's good for me, and it's one of my favorite foods.
  3. Raw Crackers- two varieties, a savory/spicey, and a sweet. Yuck, but I'll try some other recipes.
  4. Raw applesauce- how can you go wrong? good!
  5. sauerkraut- raw, fermented. - easy, good. Old hat. I have done this one for a long time.
  6. Raw Beet Pickles- same.
  7. Raw Hummus- spicey.- good. I liked this, but again, I am used to cooked hummus, so it was new to me.
  8. Ice cream (frozen banana base) easy, a big favorite.

I am now planning my raw goat cheese experiments! I won't have milk until next sping when the goats are in mi kagain, but I am waaay excited for this. I looked up my recipes, and there are alot of choices: Colby, Cheddars, Mozz, and so many more!

Yesterday we went to a local farm to enjoy the Pumpkin Patch, shooting punkins out of cannons, and yummy deep fried punkin donuts, as well as tree-ripened fruit, carmel apples, all the usual fun fall fare. Well, after 3 fried donuts and eating out with the L family, enjoying more deep fried food and greasy , cooked delights, Doug and I were ill! Great experiment- yes we feel better when we eat whole foods, and even better when it's mostly raw. Case closed for me.

Thursday I go to get my new buck. I'll blog about that when I get him. He is gorgeous and has very nice bloodlines. I am excited at the thought of the color and milk he will put into my small herd that I am rebuilding.


  1. I am watching your experiment here, as I too have thought about going with the Raw food diet. It has so many health benefits. Your doing a great job. I hope it goes well.

  2. You sure have been busy!

  3. I love your site - Thanks for sharing. I'm going to start following your antics.

  4. Hello there,

    Thank you for visiting me! Your blog is lovely. I am also a whole foods person, but am curious about your raw granola recipe...



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