Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cozy, Cold Days at Home

It's been a busy week. A great week! But I am exhausted today. I'm sure my husband is more so...he's taught a class just about every day he had off from shift. I think we all need a rest...cozy evenings by the fire with good books. I'm so glad we have plenty of them!

Lastnight was our homeschool support group meeting, and it was everything I had hoped for. Lots of new faces, plenty of encouraging conversation, and lots of goodies to eat of course *U*

Today is rainy, unusual for my part of the state, but welcomed- I have a 10 acre dry pasture! The animals are all huddled in the houses, waiting for breakfast...since we were up late lastnight I let all the kids sleep in.

So what do we do on cold, lazy Saturdays? Since we are all tired out from so much activity, we are home today, with no agenda. For lunch I made red pepper & rosemary fried polenta- you make extra corn meal much for breakfast, mix in dried red chile, rosemary, salt and pepper and spread it out flat in a pan about 3/4 inch thick and chill it. Then you cut that into squares, coat it in flour seasoned with more red chiles (we like 'em hot!), salt & pepper and then fry them up in olive oil until golden brown and crisp on the outside, but hot and creamy on the inside. So good!

We nevereven heard of corn meal mush until my friend Tara told me about it. We didn't know what we had been missing! The kids drizzle it with maple syrup and milk for a hot, nourishing breakfast.

So now, I am getting caught up online, and sipping a nice hot Cinnamon Dolce latte (decaf) that I made. Yes, I am spoiled and have a Starbucks latte machine. Never guess, would ya? The goat breeder/milker is a tad spoiled *U*

"G" is making rag rugs, which she learned yesterday in her American Girl co-op class, the boys are playing Legos and watching a Mythbuster we recorded on TIVO, and "T" has been typing out her pages of poetry. I'll leave you with one of her newest, that she had submitted to the co-op newspaper the teens are doing.


The trees sigh
And quietly shed
Their leaves,
Enduring bareness once more,
And leaving a red-gold carpet
Over the dying grass.
The sun begins to lose
It’s warmth.
Yawning, it rises late,
And goes early to bed;
Leaving the world
A colder place.
Hot soup boils on the stove,
Warm bread bakes,
And children come inside
With red noses
From winds
That begin to blow.
Pumpkins turn a cheerful
And each swells large,
Hoping to be given a face.
Yes, it’s my favorite time of year.
Fall-time is here.


  1. Hi Dalyn,
    Love that poem! Thanks for a fun time the other night. I enjoyed visiting with everyone. Looking forward to next time.

  2. Mmm . . . an evening by the fire with a book sounds heavenly!


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