Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Fat Jeans"

Dontcha love this picture?! Libby is always such a darling.
Well. I have to confess. That my "fat jeans" are tight now. We all have jeans we pull out when we have gained a few pounds or are feeling shclumpy (like a slug)...mine have been out for months, and they are now getting tight.
This calls for drastic measures.
No sugar. No caffeine. Work out. Back to alot of raw.
I know. I know. I shouldn't get so crazy...after all, Starbucks depends on me, but I have to think of the greater good. Of my thighs!


  1. Let's just go to Starbucks and drink the blues away...

  2. Haaahaaaha! It's a difficult time of year to be on a diet... but I admire your motivation!!! Good for you sister :) Jess

  3. I'll try to join you and reach for that same goal...of fitting into "tight jeans" Wow, that would mean I would have a whole new wardrobe. Al those jeans in my closet just waiting for me.

  4. Hey Miss Dalyn...haha, I love the way in which you wrote this!! I too, have contributed to the Starbucks college fund..I mean, I've drank enough of them at one point, to send one of those employees kids to college :)


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