Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Puppies

Three girls, three boys. Three black and rust and white (tri color), two with blue eyes, and three brown with white and blue eyes!


  1. Oh, how sweet! Can you put one of those little darlings in with my soap order ;) ?

  2. They are so cute!!! I just want to bite them,just a little on the nose!

  3. Ahhhh how cute! My daughter would freak out. We just adopted our friends dog as she was in a tiny pen in cowiche and we have a better play area for her. Already she thinks we need more, because two is not enough :)

    Everyone loves your baby soap I ordered. When it goes around to everyone at the baby shower, they all have to sniff.

  4. I love your blogsite. And have added it to one I follow. Cute puppies too...

  5. Hey Dalyn,
    your furbabies are so snuggable!
    I just took a peek at your ref:for Raw milk,,,I will have to check out the shop on Division (Spokane)next time I get into town. We have a local gal about 3 miles down the road who sells Raw milk, but you have to place a regular weekly order with her and a min of 1/2 gal. Also I found that Huckleberry's (kind of like an Organic Whole Foods store), sells raw milk & products but is a bit pricey.

    May you & your family have Blessed Christmas.

  6. Hey Dalyn!
    Gosh are those puppies cute! We got a tri-colored English Shepherd a few months ago and it's amazing how quickly they grow!

    Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for posting the link to the "no-poo" instructions. I've just recently started reading about parabens and wondered what on earth you would use to replace shampoo. I'm so excited to try the baking soda and acvinegar tomorrow.

    Have you read "Cancer: Step Outside the Box" (I think that's the title) by Ty Bollinger? What a phenomenal book. If you haven't, get your hands on one and read it. Debi Pearl mentioned it in the No Greater Joy newsletter an issue or two back and I am sooooo glad I got it. It's for anyone who has cancer and doesn't want it or who doesn't have cancer and doesn't want it. I just read about parabens and breast cancer in there the other day.

    Anyhow, this has become quite a long comment. :)

    Jennifer :)

  7. I have often said I will never get a puppie again - they are so much work! But then I look into those little bitty eyes and long for puppy breath!


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