Thursday, January 8, 2009

Agendas...always Agendas

You know it's ridiculous how major companies are spending lots of money to promote the gay agenda. What for? Who's getting benefits? We should be asking these questions.
I don't see any potato chip and soda makers offering money to save babies about to be aborted. I don't see any cereal and cookie makers offering their cash to promote stable marriages and thus healthy families. I don't see schools promoting that. Good grief.
I have resolved to be aware. To know what I am supporting, even if I have done unaware in the past. So- no Fritos for me. No Pepsi for me. (well, to be honest I don't eat that garbage anyway, but you get my point!)
Maybe that is somthing to think about- makers of toxic snacks that make Americans fat, promoting family-destroying agendas...hmmm.

Company gives $1,000,000 to help promote the gay agenda

American Family Association asked Pepsi to be neutral in the culture war, and not support the homosexual agenda. Pepsi refused, and plans to continue major financial support of homosexual organizations. In the last two years, Pepsi has given $500,000 to the homosexual groups Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and $500,000 to the Parents and Friends of Lesbian and Gays (PFLAG). The $1,000,000 was used to help promote homosexuality in the workplace.
HRC and PFLAG were major supporters of efforts to defeat Proposition 8 in California, which defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. HRC, the homosexual group financially supported by Pepsi, gave $2.3 million to the effort to defeat Prop 8.

Pepsi forces all employees to attend sexual orientation and gender identity diversity training where they are taught to accept homosexuality.

Pepsi’s products include Pepsi soft drinks (Pepsi 914-253-2000 or 1-800-433-2652), Frito-Lay chips (800-352-4477), Quaker Oats (800-367-6287), Tropicana (800-237-7799) and Gatorade (800-367-6287).

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