Monday, January 12, 2009

My Chickens

I have been researching chickens again. I only have 14 hens left and too many roosters! Four to be exact, and that's three too many. Three reds that I think are either Red Sex Links or New Hampshires, either way, they are destined for the crockpot. I only need one, and my favorite is my 5 year old Buff Orpington. He's a good and wise ruler over the foolish hens *U*

Here are my newest additions from last fall, the Deleware girls. This is such a nice breed! Read more about them below. Aren't they pretty little ladies?

Here's my Buff Orpington rooster. He's a handsome fellow, who is gentle, quiet, and follows me around hoping treats just fall from my pockets. Even though he's grown enormous spurs, he's never used them on us or anyone else except the dumb red roosters who occassionally try to hijack the Buff's harem. They are never successful.
My chickens free range on 10 acres of pasture, so they must be hardy, live according to pecking order rules, and forage well in order to be healthy. I don't want a flock of pampered birds that get sickly and die when the weather changes.

My fluffy Buff Orpington. These are so cold ad heat resistant, they lay a good supply of medium brown eggs, they are large enough to be conidered a dual purpose (meat and egg) breed. They are gentle mothers, do get broody and are my favorite practical bird. They are not so pretty as the flashier breeds, but I do like my hens to hatch out their own nests from time to time, so these are great birds to keep in the flock.

My pretty and hardy Light Brahma hens. We first got this breed a few years ago when my oldest son chose two pullet chicks at the feedstore. They grew up to be such nice birds that we always have some in the flock. They lay medium size light brown eggs.

Delawares in front with the "mutts", the last Buff Orpington hen, and Light Brahma behind. I will need to order more chicks soon, and have decided the best and hardiest are the Buff Orpingtons and the Delawares. The Delaware hens are more prolific layers than the other breeds I have. More eggs make me happier! I will most certainly buy mostly those, they are an heirloom breed. I appreciate that all these birds are good foragers, because I like free-range eggs and meat. I'm trying to focus on heirlooms suitable to my area. Turkeys are next on the list!

One of the mutts, which I believe to be an "easter egg chicken" laying small green eggs. These are quite hardy, good foragers, and good mothers. Two or three of these girls came up to live at our ranch from the horse traing ranch next door. They wanted babies, and we have roosters! I don't mind them, because even though they aren't friendly at all, they are consistent layers and forage very well.
I love watching my chickens. It's good therapy.
I think everyone who is able should keep a little flock.
Not only do I get cheep (ha ha!I know- what a dork!) therapy, but fresh free-range eggs, free-range meat, and pest control. When we first moved here five years ago the amount of ticks was out of control! Now we have very few because the chickens eat them.


  1. What good looking chickens! I wish I could have my own - especially now that two of my boys want eggs every morning for breakfast.

  2. Sounds like you know lots about chickens...will need to email you once we decide whether to get some for Anika or not...been thinking about it for a year now...I guess the biggest problem is where to house them.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  3. I am oozing with jelousy at this moment. I really want chickens. And bees. I don't know how my neighbors would feel about either. :)

    Beautiful birds!

  4. I love the chickens. We aspire to have our birds look as good as yours. Ours still have not grown all their feathers in their rears. Actually I blame it on the Danish leghorns who pluck out the feathers of their peers. AAGGGHHHHH!

  5. We can't have chickens where we live...which is a huge bummer because they are great entertainment. One day maybe we'll have some, but until then I'll just enjoy the posts about yours. :D Looking forward to chick pics. lol

  6. Nobody loves chickens more than I do!

    I am adding this post link to my Wordless Chicken Tuesday. Yes, there CAN be words.

    Fantastic post! Hello from Eric, "SpeedyCat" in Minnesota

  7. Popped in via Speedy's Wordless Chicken Tuesday! Nice chickens and NICE blog! :)

  8. Love your chickens! Thanks for sharing about them. I hope to have some one day myself.


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