Friday, January 9, 2009

Specific Plans...

Feel free to laugh. This is my husband and me in our jammies boxing (on the Wii)

I have committed to being specific on my blog about the 30 day challenge going on at Jenny's blog. So, to be specific, I commit to being active every day, even if it's just doing the Wii Fit, or boxing my kids! I plan to do P90X, but I can't quite shake the pneumonia, so I won't start that full on until I am healthier. SO for now- it's just to be active. The real goal is to get back into shape and lose 16 pounds.

There I said it.


If you want to take on the 30 day challenge and blog about it, sign up with Mr. Linky at Jenny's place.


  1. Christmas was brutal here and I gained back about 4lbs and now need to do the same thing here. But my workouts have come to screeching halt with an attack of bursitis in my hip. Be careful and dont hurt yourself.

  2. Dalyn,

    I am so glad you are joining me! Sixteen pounds will be gone before you know it - you can do it. How was your workout today?

  3. If you were to come to our house every evening this is the SAME EXACT picture you would get of hubby and I!:) I am a complete video game nazi, but I have soften with the wii. Our family has really enjoyed using it and I have an 18 pound goal so I am with you!


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