Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well I have been sick for two weeks now. I look and feel just terrible. I keep hoping every morning I'll feel better- I have so much to do! Blah.
Doug and our friend Rob, along with the boys, butchered the boer/nubian X wether we had planned on butchering last fall. Finally! He was nice and fat, and there's plenty of meat for the freezer and bbq. Home grown and pasure raised, grass fed, and humanely raised...all those phrases apply and make me proud.
I have one more Nubian doe due this month, then I'll have three milkers this year. That's plenty since I milk by hand. I need to go pick up my Nigerian doe from the breeder, and get her bred this year so I can try out Nigerian milk *U*
I have been taking Hebrew language classes and rather enjoy the homework. Hebrew is a beautiful language and I hope to be able to read the Bible in Hebrew for myself someday. Guess I'll have to work on Greek too eventually, but that sounds so overwhelming right now. This kind of study does not come to me naturally. I am a slow learner and have difficulty caring about details, and as we all know, details are kinda important!
Well, that's all the keyboarding I'm going to do- I feel the couch calling me again. Boy I'm tired of being sick.

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