Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

A few days ago, after I milked the goats, I brought the milk in to strain and put 1 1/2 quarts, strained, and still warm, into a jar with about 1/2 cup of cultured plain yogurt. I stirred it well, and wrapped the jar in a blanket with a heating pad on low. I left this for until the next day. I put the jar in the fridge for a couple days. I now had homemeade, raw yogurt.
I decided what I would really like was some thick, creamy, tangy soft spreadable cheese to go on morning muffins. QUite often in the mornings I grind flour and make muffins out of banannas and oatmeal, nuts, or raisins, and sometimes thawed pureed apples and pears from last year's crop. I always puree some of the fruit and freeze it. Pumpkins too, after I roast them.
Back to the soft cheese:

I spread a clean cheesecloth over a small stainless steel collander, and placed that inside a plastic container to catch the draining whey. I then poured my homemade raw yogurt in and tied up the cheesecloth. The whey drains off after about 24 hours or so in the refridgerator.
(Before tying up the cheescloth, you could add savory spices, or spicey, or else pureed fruit and honey to make a sweet spread.)

After about 24 hours or a little more this time, I spooned the soft cheese into a santized glass jar. This is so yummy!

This morning I had made oatmeal, apple & pear muffins with raisins and cinnamon.

After these came out of the oven, I served them for breakfast spread with that gorgeous creamy, tangy raw yogurt cheese.



  1. yummy! Where is mine:( oh thats right I haven't milked yet:)

  2. My mouth is watering. It looks and sounds so good.


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