Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Contest! Win SpellQuizzer!

I have spent the past couple weeks playing around with a fun new program on the computer. My 10 year old son is using it for his spelling words, he really is enjoying it. The program is called "SpellQuizzer" and it's easy to use!

I type my son's spelling list into the program, after naming his list of words. I record my voice saying the words and sometimes saying a sentence for a word that he may have trouble with, or one that he needs context for. (you don't have to use this audio option, but it's great!)

Then when he gets on, he hears the word, and types in the word as he thinks it's spelled. If he needs to hear the word repeated, he just plays it again. If he spells the word correctly, he goes on to the next. If he doesn't, it tells him he incorrectly spelled the word, and shows him the correct spelling. I like that, since I always try to make sure he doesn't have a visual of the wrongly spelled word left in his memory. At the end of the quiz, the program tells him his score, and asks him if he would like to try again on the words he missed the first time. The SpellQuizzer gives him the option of taking the whole quizz again too.

You can save spelling lists, edit them, import or export them...use your own lists like I do, or download lists provided by SpellQuizzer. Share your list if you are in a co-op...there's just alot of options, and this program makes spelling fun. My son loves it. It also frees me up to work with one of my other children, or do something else, while he's taking his quizz, or just practicing his word list.

This is great for homeschoolers, or anyone studying spelling! What a great idea for preparing to win a spelling bee!
I like it because it's easy and fun, all the while being a good educational tool. Tha't s just the kind of theing that makes this homeschool mom of four very happy!
~You can even dowload a free trial, and if you buy it, it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days~


Want to hear the great news? You have a chance to win one!
(actually two chances if you want, because I am able to offer two programs! I am having another contest on my homeschool support group blog:http://wvchs.blogspot.com/

How: go to the website and read about it here: http://www.SpellQuizzer.com then go to the demo here: http://www.spellquizzer.com/SpellQuizzer-Demo.htm. Come back to my blog, and leave a comment on this post, telling me what you thought about it, if you would use it, and what you liked about it.

If you blog about it, I'll give you another two entries! Leave me a comment with a link to your blog and that specific post.

  • to qualify for another two entries by blogging about this contest, you must link back to my blog.This post.

  • Also, please link the website of SpellQuizzer so others can try the demo out.

When: Now until June 1st. I'll let my ten year old son draw a name and post the winner on my blog. Please leave a way for me to contact you in your comment.


You can learn more about the program at http://www.SpellQuizzer.com.

There's a video demo you can watch at http://www.spellquizzer.com/SpellQuizzer-Demo.htm. Finally, there's a page targeted to homeschooling families at http://www.spellquizzer.com/spelling-software-for-homeschoolers.htm.

Here's a bit of information on the developer of this fun, educational program:

Dan Hite

TedCo Software

I'm an independent software developer in Flower Mound, TX (a suburb of Dallas). I first started selling my own software as a sideline in 2001 while I was employed as a corporate computer programmer. The first software title I sold was a program called Auction Sentry (http://www.auctionsentry.com/). Auction Sentry is an eBay user utility that tracks auctions and places bids in the final moments of an auction. Auction Sentry grew to be very popular - so much so that when I was laid off from my "day job" in 2004 I didn't need to go looking for a new job. Auction Sentry Software was very successful but a lot of work for a one-man operation. I sold the Auction Sentry Software business at the end of 2007.

I first started working on SpellQuizzer some time in 2006. I developed it for my own children who were struggling with their weekly spelling tests in school. Every night we practice spelling with out daughters by sitting them down at the kitchen table and dictate their spelling words to them while they wrote them down. Then we'd correct their spelling and re-quiz them on the words they missed. Our daughters hated the exercise and it really was a pain in the neck getting them to sit still and concentrate on the task.

It dawned on me that I could automate the process on the computer and that they might be more willing to do the exercise on the computer than the kitchen table. This turned out to be very true. What had been an irksome chore (for our daughters and for us) turned into a fun exercise that our kids enjoyed.

The program helped them enormously but at the time I didn't consider marketing the program since my perception then was that most successful educational software had a "game" element to it and I'm not very good at game development. A few friends and family finally convinced me that SpellQuizzer was useful enough without having a game element and that other families would benefit from it as much as we did. So last year, under my new business TedCo Software, I started selling SpellQuizzer.


  1. Oh man I would this for my soon to be 5th grader. I have tried several different homeschool spelling programs with very little success and much frustration. This would be wonderful for a mom who must work outside the home as well. I loved that he has links to great spelling sites and you can use your own list of words as well. The instant feedback on spelling IMO is invaluable. Thanks for offering this great giveaway.

    denise msdecaf@charter.net

  2. This program looks great! Oh, how I wish I would have had something like this for my graduated son (we may have to pull him back for spelling now :)). Thanks for sharing this, I look forward to using this program for the rest of the gang! P.S. You spelled "quiz" incorrectly on your entry (3rd paragraph, last sentence. Don't feel bad though, we didn't have something as awesome as SpellQuizer when we were learning to spell!) Love ya'!

  3. I just posted it on my blog! I love that you don't have to use their spelling list, you can use your own! I also like that the kids get to do this themselves!

  4. I could write you (And every other homeschooling parent) something like this for free.

    If there was enough interest, I'd do it. It wouldn't be too difficult.

  5. It looks very neat and easy to use. I would use it with my kids (we homeschool). I like the immediate correction and the option to retake the quiz. Thanks for this contest.


  6. There is not a lot of selections when it comes to spelling programs. Looks like this would be good.
    Marilyn W


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