Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Somebody Should Listen

Somebody should take the time to listen to (or read) the stories of the souls who survided the Nazis. We should learn from may think it's old news, but...then it was the Jews and a few sympathetic, it could be both. Watch. Listen. There are rumblings...

I think the people who survived those nightmare death camps are brave for telling their stories at all. That pain must never go away. They lived through things you and I could not really imagine- saw things that will never be erased from their memories. I think it is an honor to them, and to the memories of those who didn't survive, to remember, and to listen.


  1. Our church has talked about this...the rumblings that is.

    There is a Jewish displacement camp museum near us. It's absolutely the most heartbreaking place. I've been waiting until some of my kiddos get older before we go, but some of them I will never take.

  2. Thanks for posting this...we should NEVER's amazing how so many are in denial of the TRUTH behind the "camps"...I will check out your link.

    Have a great weekend.



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