Friday, September 11, 2009

New Resident in the Barn

Here are a few of my critters~

Handsome Rob. He is large and extremely stinky this time of year. He's one of three I have.

Blackberry is extremely stinky too, but at least he's small and cute still. I love his dreamy blue eyes. He loves the girls! Here he is trying to kiss the new member of our family that I will introduce you to at the end of this post.

Lambchop. I'm hoping to get her bred in December.

Here's Doug with Lucy, the sweet two year old milker I just got today. We love her already. Can't wait to get her bred to Handsome Rob. If she has daughters they should be good, heavy milkers.

Doug's in a sling and wedge because of his recent surgery. Here's another one of Lucy. her first daughter I get is going to be named Ethel ")

Just one more of miss Lucy!

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