Monday, September 7, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow~

As a homeschool mom, this is the busiest time of the year. Resuming studies after a summer break. Our break was only a month long this summer because we had some catching up to do after losing two family members. Here we go again!

Our Students~

(not in age order)

T. is a wonderful teenage boy. He is a great conversationalist at times, smart and introspective. He's hard to teach in some ways, but I adore him so I can over look it ")

He's learning to play the guitar this year, and as he wanted to learn so badly, we bought him a left-handed guitar for his birthday and intstuctional DVDs. We might move to real-life lessons if he stays with it. He has worked hard all summer at neighboring ranches and earned himself quite a little chunk of change. I'm proud that serious livestock and horse owners will hire him and trust him enough to travel away while a 15 year old is entrusted with their home and property. It's really a big deal. As a person who lives on a ranch, I can tell you it's almost impossible to find someone trustworthy to leave the care of your animals to. They greatly appreciate him. T. ,the girl and oldest child, also has a few of the jobs in the community. One family left their dogs and horses, rabbits, and home to their care while they went to Europe for a few weeks. Now that's trust.

G. is too old for alot of the activities I had her enrolled in now. Actually she was a couple years ago, but being Liberian and small, she could get away with being with the younger kids as long as supervised. This year though, her body is changing dramatically so there is no hiding her age. As far as academics goes she has maybe moved from high kindergarden to low first grade to a mid- first grade level in almost everything. Partially from laziness, and partially from prideful stubborness. There is too, the whole 3rd world and stress-realated issues that hinder learning to deal with as well. So may issues, so little time! This child is not a joy to teach. Let's just put it this way. It's hard to teach a person who #1 does not wish to learn, and #2 enjoys mind games and thinks if they pretend to not know something when they really do it makes them smarter than you. Shooting herself in the foot I say.

T. is a pleasure, because she is such a self-learner. As a senior this year, I expect beyond a few things we'll do together for the fun of it, she really doesn't need me at all. Besides being sharp as a tack, she's also a great baker and cook, seamstress, and all around errand girl. I like to have her make business calls now, and make appointments, etc. I'm looking forward to her being done with our homeschooling as a well-rounded, well-educated person who is capable and confident.

B. of course is wonderful to teach as well! He has such a curiosity and pleasure in learning. He took the SATs for the first time in the spring and scored very high in everything. I admit to being surprised, since after the adoption, he sort of got neglected. I spent so much effort of G's character and education, hoping to catch her up that he was just left to "be a good boy" most of the time. I see it didn't hurt him in most ways, but I know it really bothered him. This year I plan on directing alot of my energies toward him. He's such a nice and considerate kid, it's easy to spend time with him anyway. He's busy with football this fall, and enjoys it, even if he is bruised all over and gets beat to a pulp. Hard on the mamma!

SO, these are my children and students, and I'm looking forward to all the great books we will read, talks we will have, and serious studies we will share.


  1. Best wishes for a wonderful year!



  2. Just the inspiration I was looking for before settling in to bring it all together tonight! Very sweet and love you bunches!

    BTW, what instructional DVD's for guitar did you buy? I've really been thinking/praying about learning guitar so someone can actually lead worship at church instead of ipod. :)

  3. We're getting ready for school as well! I found your blog through a link, you have a great website!


  4. Have a good school year!


  5. Have a blessed school year! What a great looking bunch!

  6. Hi Dalyn... we start next week officially but Biology and writing class starts this week. Kim b is doing IEW correspondence for me and Anne W is teaching both girls biology.

    WE started Biology last year with Christian, but dropped it after module 8 or 9. She will finish this year! lol

    Have a wonderful school year Dalyn!



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