Monday, October 12, 2009

Catchin' Up

It's cold here! I'm not excited about this- but I must admit that any excuse at all to stay in the house, sip hot drinks and read away entire afternoons, brings a smile to my face.
We are still busy with football. Ben's team finally won a game last week. Thrilled the boys! We have a couple more weeks and then that's over. I'll be glad. It's fun, but it's alot of work.
Yesterday we drove over to the west side of the mountains and brought Tori's pick-up truck home. Grampa Bob traded some bulldozer work for it, then fixed it up and gave it to her. He did the same for Tay, but since he's younger, we will get his a little later. It'll be nice to have a truck for hauling hay and grain again. The Suburban will stay cleaner too.
We are gathering in the neighbor's extra apples and pears now. Dehydrating and freezing or giving the not-so-nice ones to the goats, sheep, and horses. Breeding season is here, so I'm getting ready to winterize the critters and get the goats bred. Lambchop will get bred in December I think. Then it will be time to butcher others for winter meat.
Hunting season starts this weekend I believe for my boys, so I'm hoping for at least one, maybe two deer for the freezer as well.
I am not so prepared as I usually am for winter. We are all tired to the bone I'm afraid. With so many losses in the family this year, and Doug having surgery after surgery, and poor Taylor just last week having all four wisdom teeth out, we are just too pooped to "do our life-as-usual" this year. I'm not gonna sweat it, either. What we don't get done we will just have to make do without, and whatever does get done will be gravy as far as I am concerned. Books await!

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  1. We all feel so tired here, too. It must be a fall thing! Weeks of rain, and now snow, have not helped. Indulging in afternoons of books is on the top of my priority list too!


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