Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cancer, Lifestyle, and Food- There is a Link

I was just thinking how far we have come from good, simple days, and good, simple food and community. I love to read or look at pictures of anything having do to do with farms, ranches, animals, making cheese, bread, hanging clothes on a clothesline, farmer's markets, and gardening, etc. Although, truth to tell, I am a miserable failure at gardening.
In the year 2009, almost over now, my husband's family lost two dear women to cancer; his mother, then her mother, his grandmother. His little sister also had cancer, and was treated. Now her husband has it as well. In my family colon cancer is something to watch for, and has traveled down the family line, never skipping a generation. A bit frightening.
One thing I know, after much reading and research, is that our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits are all connected and effect each other. Our lifestyles, and our eating habits, are killing us.
The fast-paced life, the materialism, and the immorality leading to all sorts of emotional and spiritual problems are going to be and have been, the death of many of us.
A beautiful life, a healthy life, is so much more worth striving for than a busy life focused on "stuff", i.e., cars, big houses (that are usually empty most of the time because nobody has time to enjoy being inside of them), boats, etc. you know the list.
Do you know, a flock of free-ranging hens, happily bustling about the yard pecking, fluffing, and spending their days in simple community, are healthy and happy. They are also producers of eggs that have more health benefits and less cholesterol than caged, stressed birds. They are also good therapy. Sitting quietly among them, watching them is better medicine that prozac.
Growing or raising your own  food, no matter how small an effort, connects you to real life. The good life. A healthier life. I'm not saying cancer-free life, but certainly less chances of it. The numbers are now reading that 2 out of 3 people will get some kind of cancer at some time in their life. Is anyone else unnerved by that?

I am so grateful for my small ranch. My animals and my family. For fresh, raw goat milk to give my children, for fresh, free range eggs and meat...for the few measly tomatoes and zucchini I am able to grow...for the freshly ground flour and whole, raw grains. I am grateful for the entertainment not from video games but from the antics of all the living creatures that live here with us. Baby goats are funnier than any TV show. Laughter is good medicine the Bible tells us.
Look, we all eat from factories and live an artificial life. It freaks me out!
Why not, if you can't grow your own, if I can't grow my own, buy from local organic farmers and ranchers? Don't patronize the factories. If more of us ate good, clean, real food, we wouldn't be fat, unhealthy, and dying. We would be living, and thriving. So would the animals. Good breeding practices and hands-on animal husbandry is good for them. Breed livestock if you have the room. Heritage breeds even better. Grow heirloom veggies and fruits. You might be surprised how much the quality of your life improves. Not just from good food, either.
Buy organic
Buy local
Eat @ home
Learn to be quiet and restful

Raise and grow your own if you can.
You don't have to have much room, a balcony for containers would do it.
Anybody can buy raw milk now, and make their own dairy products too, if they really want adventure~ it's really not hard at all. Making things from scratch is good for the soul.
Maybe you need to re-evaluate what's really important in life. What's most valuable to you. Jesus is my healer, and my guide, He loves this world and died for it, and we ignore Him, and all the good things He has created for us. Sad.
For those of you living and eating a more natural way, I'd love it if you left a comment so I can check out your blogs and websites. LIke I said, I love the photos of all things farm, ranch,gardens, bee keeping, and cheesemaking, and all that they entail.


  1. Great post. I think you've visited my blog before. I've tried some of your raw recipe links; we drink raw milk, and I've started making cheese. Occasionally I'll make some lotion. We just planted 22 fruit trees/bushes - some heirloom. We try to compost and garden (try!) And I'm posting tonight about my early Christmas present that I am super excited about. Oh yeah - and the kids are here with us too (homeschool.) Hoping to grow herbs oneof these years and get a hive of bees. I love all the natural farm goodness on your blog.

  2. thank you Sarah! Yes, I know your blog. I went to see what present you got...but you haven't posted about it yet! I'll check back, 'cause now ya got me curious!

  3. Thank you so much for this post Dalyn! I needed to be reminded of that! I so agree:))) I love to be home with the kids and the animals on our farm. Chores (which could be done in 15 minutes in the winter) often take me an hour or more to do because I am so mesmerized by just watching the animals, and spending time with them. The world really does not have much to offer when you compare it to what God gave us in simple living. I am no green thumb, but the farm God gave us grows amazing gardens despite it. Truly a gift from above. Great post! Terri

  4. Thank you Dalyn for continuing to remind me of what is always on my heart but sometime have a hard time remembering when we are out in 20 degree temps. thawing out water containers!!! I know exactly what you mean. We had "our" pig raised by friends this year. Free ranged and feed lots of good things. We got him back from the butcher this week and I had warm fuzzy feelings as I was loading him into the freezer (even though we didn't raise him, we knew where he had come from) We have heritage breed turkeys scheduled for delivery the first batch of the spring and are looking into raising our own pig next year. That love of everything country is in all of us, we just need to find it and dig it out of all the junk we have accumulated!! Please continue to write and inspire all of us! Blessings to you and your family!

  5. Hey Dalyn,
    great post, & thanks for the reminder....with it now being Winter, snowy, rainy & slushy I try not to go into town as much so I have a tendency to rely on processed stuff, a (bad) habit I am not proud of! So I need to write a bunch of "post-it's" & stick them on my head, in my purse, on my car's dash and a whole bunch at the store's check-out counter! lol!
    But I was a good girl and have a lot of canned goodies from this summer that will suffice till summer when my garden "blooms" again.
    Hugz & Merry CHRISTmas.

  6. I share your sentiments. Your blog is such a joy to read. I haven't posted in mine in quite a while. I have a backlog of pics I want to write about, but can't seem to get the time.

  7. Once again, you have said exactly what has been on my heart/mind. It's been a while since I've commented, sorry, but I do SO enjoy your blog. BTW...your music is AWESOME! Sometimes, I'll have your blog up on 1 link & get on another so I can listen while it plunder Facebook or the web. :-)

    I also wanted to let you know that since we are finished homeschooling - after 16 wonderful years (graduated our 'baby' in June) - that even though my fingers are still in the homeschool community (writing & speaking) that I as semi-retiring the Buckeyeblog on HSB. BUT!...I just started a blogspot blog that I hope you will visit as you can. At first, some will be review for regular readers, but, of course, I'll be adding new things everyday, too. :-)

    I am putting things together, with MUCH prayer, & considering opening a bulk food store! So, my blog is called Maree's Pantry, which will be the name of my store. I hope to also have a small homeschool section in it, as well.

    If I don't comment before Christmas, have a great one!

    Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<><

  8. Dalyn, so enjoyed your post for today. My family too has been hit with cancer: brother, sister, mom,all different types and none of these surviving and just this past year my other sister diagnosed with early breast ca but able to have it removed. Just me and my other sister remain untouched by this horrible illness. My heart goes out to you and your family...the holidays are very hard for me just missin' everyone!!! So enjoy your blog..please share more recipes like what do you serve for dinner?snacks for your kids? Don't have a blog maybe I need to do one? I agree with animals helping in destressing...I was out watching my chickens was almost like you saw me :) ha-ha! Teresa in Ca

  9. Kim, first of all, thanks so much! The music is great, ins't it? I love the whole album. There's a link to the band's website at the end of my blog page.
    Now, I am so excited about the idea you have. Wonderful nws that you graduated your baby too! I'm going to have to pop over to your blog and peek, as well as link you on this blog. I have a link to your other one up already, but we better get the new on!
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Greetings from England! I couldn't agree more with this post. I spend a lot of time, when I should be mucking out the horses, watching the chickens instead, or the wild birds that come to my bird table. I haven't been to the doctors once this year. It's not a coincidence! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  11. oh my! this is such a good post one that rings true to my heart. I visited your blog a while back and today (when I needed it the moset) my fingers bring me back. Thank you! Sylvia


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