Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lucy! Meet Ethel.

Meet my new little girl. "Ethel". Her registered name is DKGH ROCKY'S HOP TO IT
I brought her home from Prosser yesterday and the poor girl came here to snow, then a terrible wind storm. Of course the herd is also picking on her, and so she counts on me to make sure she comes out in the isleway to eat. The herd she came from has some very large does. I couldn't believe how big those girls are. Ethel here is only 9 months. She's going to be a big girl too. Look out Lucy! The herd queen may be in for a fight in a year or two. The girls look so much alike!

Lucy is prettier, and super sweet. I love her- she's the best all-around do I have ever had. Don't they look alot alike? Funny, because this is not at all my favorite color- "doberman" I always call it; balck with the rust trim, but the girls are good stock, so I'll be happy with them and breed more color in from the bucks.

The girls don't like each other at all yet, but they will eventually. They look like twins.

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  1. She's beautiful! Our first Nubian was black with the speckled ears. Hope she settles in and finds her place:)


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