Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mr. Darcy

I got a new Nigerian Dwarf buckling yesterday. Isn't he adorable?

Thanks Jessica of Fidelity Farm!

I have really enjoyed the cross bred doelings I got last month out of my girl Glory and the Herron Hill Nigerian buck I have. That brings mytotal of bucks to 4. Crazy! I know it's nuts, and they smell terrible this time of year, but I love the milk, soap, cheese, kefir...the darling little goat kids, and the companionship of my goats. SO...I put up with the nasty bucks and their nasty ways.

This little guy is still too young to stink, or to have the disgusting habits of the older bucks. So, I'm enjoying cuddling and scratching him before he turns into a werewolf. That's what the adult bucks look like to me.

They start out as cute and sweet and turn into monsters.
Like  I said, I love all the rest of the benefits of goat-keeping.


  1. He is handsome! I love that color! Could you answer a couple of newbie-buck-keepers questions? At what age do these guys start the stinking and nasty habits? I used a 9 month old buck for our breeding this year and was happy to realize that he didn't smell or act so nasty. It appears that he has done his job (a few weeks more to go and we'll know for sure:), without the smell:) Thanks! Terri

  2. He is so cute and I also love the coloring. He will give you great looking kids.



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