Monday, December 14, 2009

The Renegade Farmer

There's alot of city slickers interested in farms and farming, green living, and sustainability. They are doing things like container gardening off their balconies...keeping small flocks of chickens, miniature goats, keeping bees, and all sorts of interesting things. I have an on-line friend who is an artisitc, creative, and very intersting woman, as well as being beautiful and super nice. She is an asset to farmers, promoting farms and farming in the Big City.
Check out her new site and radio show: The Renegade Farmer

This is Zan


  1. Dalyn!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful and kind post here! I am soooo grateful! :)

  2. Zan, I'm grateful to you for your work and promotion of farms and simpl living and things like that...especially in the city. Anything we can do at all to grow our own food, raise our own livestck humanely, and make thins ousellves istead of being mass consumers is a help, and you provide information and help with that.


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