Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tomorrow: Chevre!

I am so excited..I'm almost drooling. Tomorrow I will have plenty of extra milk (raw, goat, of course!) to make delectable chevre. Raw, of course!
I love it when I have enough milk right after milking to start the cheese rght after the milk is strained and still warm from the goat- but, this time of year I am just feeling blessed to have milk at all. 3/4 gallon every day is a gift from the Lord! My family of 6 needs it, but I'm sure once in awhile, occassionally, they won't mind me using up the milk for chevre! Especially at lunch time with crusty bread and fruit.
I'll be smiling in my sleep tonight.


  1. Oh please, please post directions! With 6 goats due within a couple of months I am anxious to try good goats milk recipes!

  2. I'm so happy for you, and jealous of you all at the same time. My goat is still nursing her boys. I probaly won't have any extra milk for about one more month. I can't wait.

  3. And I'm so envious i could cry. Love goats cheese!

  4. you are going to being sharing right?? It's nice to share!!! It makes everyone happy! Including ME!!

  5. Teresa, of course!
    Come sled tomommorw on our hill, the kids can eat cookies and we can have chevre.


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