Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Making Raw Milk Chevre Day 1

It takes me two days to make Chevre if I don't do it overnight. Since I milk in the mornings only right now, starting the cheese is just easier right after milking, while it's still warm from the goat's body.
First, I milk my girls.

I strain the milk, and measure out 1 gallon to go in the cheese pot.
You should know, before I put milk in that pot, it is clean! Starting with a clean pot, I add about 2 quarts of water to it and boil that with the butter muslin and the spoon I use for cheesemaking right in the pot. Everything is boiled for 10 minutes. The pot and spoon are stainless steal, no seams. You don't want places for bad bacteria to hide.

The milk should be 86 degrees the instructions say. I'm not an exacting kinda girl, but hey, I think I'm close.
The chevre starter I am using is the "Direct Set" from New England Cheesemaking Supply. It has the cultures and rennet in one tiny little packet, along with the simple and clear intructions right on the front. Easy peasy!

I have sprinkled the little packet of Direct Set into the pot. It says to let it rehydrate for 2 minutes and then stir it. The picture below isn't great, I admit. My camera has been abused by my youngest son. But I think you can still see the direct set culture floating on the top of the milk.

You see the spoon I use below. I bought two of them and they were quite a find. Stainless Steal at the dollar store a few years ago when I started making cheese.

After stirring you let the milk and cultures set undisturbed for 12 hours at around 72 degrees. I like to just set the pot out at room temp. overnight in the warmer months. The house is pretty toasty because the fire is kept diligently for this lady- I hate to be cold! Never-the-less I put my pot in the livingroom where the fire is a little warmer.

Tonight I will take the curd out. Some will go into two molds I have, the rest into a cheesecloth (the butter muslin) to hang for 6 to 12 hours. I'll take pictures and report on the rest of the process too. Then of course, I shall eat it! I have been craving a fresh, raw milk chevre for weeks!

If you aren't informed about the wonderfulness of raw milk, check this out:
or these:





  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For posting the pics and the recipe! Now I am really looking forward to new kids and lots of milk to try out this recipe.

  2. so what time should I be over tomorrow to partake in the cheese eating??? And I'm sure lunch will be served also, right? Great job! Tell Benny to leave your camera alone or Auntie Teresa will come after him!


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