Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chevre Day 2~

I let the pot sit for 12 hours. When I lifted the lid I saw the layer of whey on the top of the curd mass- pure white, and the fragrance...I can't even describe the beautiful way it smells.
 I poured the whey off into a quart jar to save for bread making. Do this carefully, otherwise you might disturb your curd, spill it, and have a real mess on our hands. With my big SS spoon I scooped the curd into the first mold and added garlic and pepper. Roasted garlic would have tasted better, but I didn't think that far ahead. Then I put the mold on a cookie sheet to drain. I put it in a bowl so the garlicky whey wouldn't contaminate the plain chevre. I just emptied it frequently so the mold and cheese wouldn't be sitting in whey. I wnat it to drain as much as possible.

The second mold I filled with the curd, but added nothing to it. .This cheese will be drizzled with honey and nuts for dessert. Yum!

Here's the jar of whey. I put it in the fridge to use later.

The last and most of the curd went into the cheesecloth. I added salt, pepper, fresh rosemary and diced up sun dried tomato.

Stir that up well.

Hang it overnight. The two molds of curd went on a cookie sheet to drain in the fridge. Remember to put something under your cheesecloth and curd, there will be lots of whey to catch.

This morning I unknotted the cheesecloth~tada! Beautiful! It tastes so good! It has a drier texture than the molded curd.

Here's the plain chevre.

Here's the garlic and pepper chevre. I salted this and put it in the fridge for Doug. This cheese is just for him, the garlic king.

Heres' the delectable rosemary and sun-dried tomato chevre on crisp little rosemary crackers. Too good. I ate 'em all.

Here's the same on toasted crusty baguette. I shared these, but ate most of them *U*


  1. I also milk goats and make cheese. I have a stash of hard cheeses aging in the basement that I take out one at a time for us to eat. I have tried Chevre and didn't like it. Maybe I'll have to try it your way. It looks yummy.

  2. yummmmyyyy! can't wait to try some!!! oh that's right...Brent got some and I didn't! Maybe Brent will be my friend...

  3. This looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have not tried making chevre yet but really want to. In the spring when I start milking again, I will have to make some. I have made feta and mozzarella and ricotta and hard farmer's cheese so far. I need to keep the whey to make bread, too. I always had to give it to pigs. But no pigs anymore! Thanks for sharing such good pictures and I can almost taste the cheese. Yum.


  5. Way to go, Dalyn! :) It looks soooo yummy.

  6. This looks awesome! And perfect timing, I just started up milking our goats again this morning. Going to have to try this! Thanks for sharing this at the Homestead Barn Hop!


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