Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Pioneer Woman Cookbook~ My New Fave

Baby, it's coooold outside! But I'm sitting here in my jammies- (yes, I know it's past noon, but I have been homeschooling 4 kids all morning, and had an in-depth study of toothed vs. baleen whales, gimme a break!) eating gooey, delectable enchiladas. Big smile on my face!

I have a new friend. She doesn't know me yet, but I just love her. The Pioneer Woman!
I just got her cookbook, and what started out as a blog by an isolated ranch woman, is now a work of art, and the best darn cookbook I have ever seen. And I have seen alot of them. I own alot of them. I love cookbooks.

This one is chock full of gorgeous photos of family, ranch life, and ....cute cowboys. This lady takes her own photos, did the shoots her self with the natural sunlight in her own kitchen. Brilliant. She's quite a photographer in her own right. The book is satisfying just to look, inspirational, and just plain fun.
The day after I got her cookbook, I went shopping with a list of goodies bound to make my family happy. This cookbook is very family friendly- but not waist friendly. By the next day, I had made the twice-baked potatoes for lunch, the enchiladas for supper, and my oldest daughter had a huge batch of the mouth-watering cinnamon rolls rising. Oh my goodness.
The recipes make enough to feed a small army (or large family *U*) and I was expecting another firefighter for those meals, and was anxious to feed him well and proudly, because he was travelling quite a ways to come help us rebuild the bathroom for the kids.

I usually buy a cookbook because a few of the recipes look good. I plan on trying all of the recipes in this book! They are:
1. easy (that's important to me)
2. Cost efficient
3. filling
4. Good enough to actually eat.
5. They will impress people and make them think you are a good cook.

 That made my husband happy.  He was delighted when his buddy left with a very full belly.
Alot of these recipes are things familiar to me, and so they are comfort-type foods in my world. I think I need to buy one for my oldest daughter, who also loves to cook. Mine is not a week old, and yet looks like I have had it half my life. Already much used and well-loved.
You need one of these!


  1. HAHAHA! Glad I'm not the only pajama wearing homeschooling mother in blog-land! Isn't Pioneer Woman great! I haven't seen her cookbook yet (I have tried some of her blog recipes) but enjoy her blog. It's sort of a love/hate woman relationship, isn't it?? Thou shall not covet Pioneer Woman and her blog! LOL:)) Happy Homeschooling!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful cookbook! Thank you for sharing. I've been enjoying your blog!

  3. I don't own this one yet, but I have been to Ree's blog and have made several of her recipes. SO good! But, you are right. They are definitely NOT figure friendly!

  4. Sounds like a great book! I have one like that too. Its the "Official Mennonite Cookbook". I got it as a wedding present 33 years ago and still love it. Other books have come and gone over the years but that one is a friend!

    Your's sounds the same. Hang onto it.


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