Thursday, February 4, 2010

Far Too Busy to be Bothered

So, today was interesting.
First, background information to fully understand the story. Last year, as you know there were three immediate family members with cancer.  My husband's grandmother, mother, and little sister. Talk about heartache. His mother and grandmother both went to Heaven. Then in in January of '10 we find out that his aunt and sister's husband also are now diagnosed with cancer. The poor man. My poor kids. Everybody is thinkin', even if they aren't sayin', "who's next"?

My kids are worried. Seriously worried that one of us, is going to be next.
So....what happened today wasn't very funny.
Yesterday I had the full-meal deal physical to get foster/adopt licensed. Including a blood draw and TB test. Both of which are usually easy, but didn't go so well yesterday. The TB test site bled alot and hurt, and the blood draw- eek. Well, the lady didn't get the vein good and then she blew it. This morning my Dr. called personally and asked me to come in and  get another blood draw. There were some abnormalities with the platelets (Sp?) and something else having to do with my glands. I got that much only because I asked. I wasn't too worried, that's just not my style, so I said I was pretty busy but could come in next week.

So, of course that's a red flag for what? Yep, some kind of cancer, when everybody in the family is looking around every corner for that insidious beast.

My poor husband. He spent a very worried afternoon. He insisted I go back today and get it done.
The Doctor was good enough to have it tested right away and call just a couple hours later and say that it was normal and the abnormal results were from a faulty tube. They had filed an incident report and she was pretty mad at somebody in the lab.
All's well that ends well.
I was grateful to have the opportunity to think about "what if" and found that's a good thing to come face to face with. I got alot to do! I would hate to leave my family, the children I have and the ones I'm going to have. I decided I really have far to much left to do to be bothered with a terminal illness. Thank the Lord He thought so too!


  1. PTL for mistakes in our favor! Those don't happen very often.

    When I was expecting our now nearly 19 yr old daughter ~ gorgeous, delightful daughter #2 ~ 1 of my 2 Drs transferred the wrong numbers of a blodd test to the next page of my files. For 2-1/2 months in mid-pregnancy he kept insisting that I make up my mind what I wanted to do about 'the problem' since these numbers indicated that my baby would be a Downs baby. Apparently, my decicion to keep the baby wasn't the answer to 'the prolbem' that HE wanted. One day, while waiting for the Dr to come in for an appointment, I took the liberty of reading through my file. Low & behold I found the mistake...he was NOT very happy w/that & I saw the other Dr of the team - who, oddly enough is very pro-life - until she was born. She was also delivered by the pro-life Dr, who was pretty mad at the other Dr about all this.

    So...if I would have taken care of 'the problem' like Dr#1 wanted, I would have aborted my lovely, wonderful, precious, gift-from-God daugther #2!

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  2. I am glad it worked out well! That is a good thing to face, temporarilly. It makes us realize that we are not in control here, after all and helps us to plan for the unexpected.

  3. Praise God! I had a scare like this a few years ago ... oh ... the emotions that run through you! Thankfully mine was a mistake too. I've got a lot to do too! - Have a Blessed day!!

  4. Thanking the Lord that all is well for you! Appears that maybe somebody would not want you to raise children for the Lord??? We had a faulty blood test, also, when Grace was about 5 years old that could have been leukemia. I did freak out, but all turned out to be fine. There is nothing like staring death in the face, and coming out rejoicing in the Lord!

  5. Oh, you had me so worried for a moment, there! We have a history of cancer in our family, too, and even though my children are grown up, I have so much to do with the grandchildren yet! But I trust the Lord's timing totally, and so do you, don't you, and if it's God's will that you will have more children, then so be it. Nothing stands in His way, you know that!

  6. oh my goodness you all have stories too! God is amazing. Kim, I am so glad you know Who to trust and not in man...I know alot of people who think Drs know everything and do whatever they are told- God is greater, and His ways are always right. Even if the world thinks they are wrong, huh? Down's syndrome isn't the end of the world anyway, though lots of Drs suppose it to be.


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