Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm Frightened

I'm frightened. I hope you'll understand. Not too many things frighten me, but this does, and it's a double whammy.
Two of my three teenagers have their driving permits. They are enrolled in Driver's Ed, and it means, *gasp* that I have to let them actually drive.
It's too much. Can gray hairs pop up on already colored hair?!


  1. This can be a little nerve wracking! Driver's Ed is usually a helpful thing though! Take a deep breath ...

  2. Think positive! You will soon have others you can send to the store for milk or that emergency item you need right now to finish that dessert. They can chauffeur each other and their siblings around to friends and events while you do other things or relax at home. They can spell you at the wheel on long drives and vacations. It can be a great thing to have other drivers in the family!

    I had two that went through that although one never did get there. Too many other things got in the way and the need to drive got dropped. At 25 yrs of age, she still doesn't drive and its hard for her. They need this.

    We had our share of accidents with the car. Its part of growing up but it sure is nerve wracking for the parents! You will get through it, hopefully without too many problems.

    Good luck!

  3. Bless you!
    It'll be fine ... really.

    :) . God can handle even 2 teenage drivers in the same family ;) !

    Praying for you all ...

    Catherine :)

  4. Like Sheryl said you will now have 2 offspring who will at first be more than happy to run to the store for you but a little later on you will have to bribe them just like you do the husband!!!

    It is a very scary time that's for sure!! This too shall pass and then comes grandchildren and you get to worry all over again!! My grandaughter gets her learners permit in June and she is already making plans.....not me!!!!!!


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