Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Blessed Am I?

Too blessed!
My children and I went to the other side of the mountains and stayed with amazing, fun friends whom we love. We were able to visit lots of other friends that we have not seen in years but   love still, and having them love us in return. There's nothing like going someplace you are known and missed, nothing like getting lots of hugs. We wouldn't have been able to go without the wonderful and sweet friends we have here, who very sacrificially came to our home twice a day to care for our zoo.

We are so blessed in our friendships. I am humbled by that, and giving God all the credit!
I am amazed when I think of all the names and faces the Lord has brought into my life. All the beautiful people I have been allowed to know and have woven into my story. Did you know God writes books still? He does. About us, too. I can't wait to sit in God's library someday! There's gonna be some good books to read, and best of all, I'll know some of the people they are written about.

I am also blessed to have healthy, wonderful children and even though we don't have alot of money, we have a little ranch that we love with some pretty wonderful animal characters. My husband and I are still nuts about each other and chase each other around. The Lord is good to us every day, and we never, ever deserve it!
How blessed am I? Too blessed!
But I'll take all the Lord will give me. I'm so grateful He's a generous Giver. 


  1. Dayln, your story warmed my heart on this cold winter day. Thank you! You made me think of good friends that I haven't seen in a while. Humm .. Good memories.

  2. What a lovely post! It's great to be blessed, isn't it?


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