Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2010 Nubian Babies & Lola

This is Lola, a 1st generation min-Nubian. That's a cross between a Nubian doe and a Nigerian buck. She's a character and a delight. Can you see her lovely blue eyes? She's kissing Taylor here. She is the only goat that finds a way to sneak out of the stalls and get in the barn isle. Naughty. But cute.

My favorite doe, Luci had her kids on my birthday last week. Sweet and accomodating, huh? Even better, she had twin doelings with long legs, bodies, and ears. They are a treat.
Below you see Patissa. I love that long, curved white band around her whole middle- both sides.

Here are both of them being snuggled and sniffed by me. Love them babies! Check out the little girl on the left, Fiona. Her ears are looong and gorgeous.
Here she is again. Funny that I got a red and a brown- both their sire and dam are both black and white with rust trim. Odd balls.

Here's me on the phone, wrestling with Lola.


  1. Congrats! They are soooo cute~ love those ears!!

  2. Congrats! They are soooo cute~ love those ears!!

  3. Goats are SO much fun... Thanks for sharing the photos of the pretty babies!

  4. Just so love all my goats, the babies are a real treat right now. We love our bucks too, ours are very sweet.

  5. Congrats on the new babies! They are just gorgeous!


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