Friday, April 9, 2010

A Few of My Friends~

This is "Roo". He is a gorgeous and gentle Buff Orpington rooster. I have had him for 6 years- raised him from a tiny chick. He has lived through frostbite, dog attack, and horse trampling. Oh ya, and an assasination attempt by two young red roosters, attempting a take-over of the harem. I saved him and they...well, they had untimely ends after that.

Here is a lovely lady from "Roo's" Harem. She is a Deleware. The other day, this lovely lady, or one of the others that look just like her, was boldly kidnapped in the middle of the day by a wiley coyote. I sent Oldest Son out after them, and the coyote, while not a bit afraid it seemed, did drop the hen and go back to it's den in the stand of Russian Willows in the neighbor's pasture. (where we could not carry rifles) The hen was dazed for a bit, but seems recovered and I'm sure she will be on the alert for tricky coyotes from now on. (Let us hope) I know we will be more alert, and will keep the rifle handy too.
Since we are speaking of chickens right now, I'll bring up Lola, the naughty little goat that can open the stall gate in the barn just enough to get out and eat her greedy little self sick with chicken feed. Today she had the runs and got some nasty consequences when mom (me) made her take two kinds of medicine.

And, just in case anybody remembers Ted, the bottle baby lamb from last summer- here he is. Magestic looking guy, huh? He still wants a bottle. He's living out with the Nigerian Dwarf bucks. I'm selling him, along with two goat wethers, to get a little extra cash to help pay medical costs for a friend's cancer treatments. Pray they sell soon!


  1. I'm glad you were able to save the hen from the coyote! Last spring I had the same thing happen in the middle of the morning ... a big coyote came right up behind the barn where I was working and nabbed one of my hens and ran off with her. I was so stunned that I think I had my mouth open for quite a while!

  2. They are bold critters, aren't they?! Well, we have lots of coyotes, and unfortunately they have gotten more poultry over the past six years than I could count. I replace about half my flock every year. It's a bummer, especially because now I try to get heritage stock. yikes!

  3. Coyotes are a worry! We just got a Great Pyranees pup and hope that he will make a difference when he grows up.

  4. Just came across your blog and found the introductions to your friends quite entertaining. We have 3 buff orp hens and they are the sweetest of our girls. We have a couple dozen or so hens. Our last batch of pullets happened to mysteriously contain a barred rock roo who is maturing, quite handsome, and seemingly gentle with his girls. Anyway, I was glad your son could save the hen. We too have scads of coyotes, but our 3 big white dog LGDs "disuade" them from even getting close to the fencelines. In fact, one of our LGDs is totally chicken friendly and won't chase the girls even when they run. Having seen him in action, I pity the coyote that would tangle with him. In the year we've lived on our place we've not lost a hen to a predtor yet. Look forward to reading your blog. Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm, Texas

  5. I shall forever rue the day someone decided to introduce the coyote back into SC (about 5 or so years ago).The wild dogs were bad enough! We have had so many problems with the coyote eating our cats and chickens. They are BOLD! We used to have a good population of rabbits and quail also, but you just do not see them quite as often anymore.

  6. Coyotes can be a problem for sure. Loved looking at your pics. Come say hi.


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