Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Dirt Road Diva~

I laughed at myself out in the goats medicine and looking down at my french tip pedicure.
I'm the Dirt Road Diva. The Queen of Quite Alot.
That cracks me up.
I know alot of my girlfriends think my life is "lunching with the ladies" and shopping for hours, but honestly, I get a kick out of this.
I hope you get a kick out of your days, too.


  1. LOL--cute post. Yes....I usually get a kick out of my days too! :) Hope your day is great. Stop by for a visit soon.

  2. Yes! I wouldn't swap it for all the world. You look like you're having fun there!

  3. I love it!

    I have to smile at the picture...very unique.

    I hope all is going well.


  4. I just had to tell you! I put a deposit on my very first milk goat this weekend!!! She's in her second lactation and I will be getting a wether to be her companion. I can't WAIT to bring them home!!!

  5. just wanted to make sure I got the follow up comments in my e-mail

  6. Michelle, congrats! That's so fun. I wish I could get in a truck with you when you go to pick them up! whoot! You will love being a "goat lady'!

  7. Great Photo! I can't quit laughing... No one has ever taken a photo of me when I'm in the middle of something like that, but I can only imagine what I look like! We sure have to enjoy what we do. I love being a goat lady too!

  8. Dalyn, I've wanted this for so long, and I can't wait to actually bring them home! I feel like I need visitation in the meantime. :-)You are the first real person I've "known" who had dairy goats, and you've mentored me just a bit, whether you knew it or not. ;-)

  9. Michelle, I know exactly what you feel...I was so excited to get my first goats! I used to put them on leashes and walk them to the mailbox and crazy things like that. Those were nicer goats- more friendly....I should do that kind of thing again!
    I had lots of mentors on-line for my start in farming adventures...I am so tickeld that I can be that for someone else now, no matter how small of a way.
    Have a blast with your goats! The more time you spend with them, the more enjoyable they will be.

  10. I fully intend to. :-)

    Thanks for being my mentor. ((HUG))

  11. We are hoping to get goats this summer! I can't wait!

    My townie friends think I've gone absolutely batty.


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