Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dumb Goat & Other News

This afternoon my husband and sons were taking advantage of the great weather to work around the ranch, fixing fences, making other get the idea. So here's what happened, one of my Nubian goats ran up to the tools and grabbed a mouthful of large nails. They guys panicked and she started choking. They caught her and tried to pry her mouth open, but didn't see anything. My husband called me and told me he wasn't sure if she spit them out in the tall grass, or swallowed. yikes!
Guess time will tell. I'm mad at her and sad at the same time. Good grief.

The other news is that the long streak of bad weather seems to be over and we are now enjoying sunny days without terrible wind storms, clouds, or rain. Perfect timing since Tori's graduation is this weekend and I need to put up a tent outside to house some of the teenagers that are going to be stayin governight. Adults get the beds! The house will be full to the rafters, but it's going to be fun.
(if the celebration in not spoiled by a goat with intestinal issues from swallowing nails)

This is a picture of one of my horses. Need to get shoes on his feet and ride the boy.


  1. Oh dear, sorry about the goat. Hope all goes well with the party.

  2. Oh my! Silly goat. Congratulations to Tori! Hope you all have a great celebration.

  3. It sounds like curiosity got the best of your goat. I sure hope she didn't swallow any of the nails!

    Enjoy the graduation party!

  4. Oh my! I do hope she is going to be ok!

    The party sounds like fun!


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