Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's Goin' On

Physically I am wiped. My back is toast and no amount of miles walking is fixing it this time. I got my first homeschooler graduated. Can you believe it?! It was fantastic, with lots of friends and family. She was blooming, and thrilled to have such excitement because of her own little self. We made some great memories and she even got her dad to dance with her. There was a swing dance after the ceremony and the most gorgeous cake and cupcakes you ever saw. I really wish I had a picture, but my camera was not working well that night. Hopefully the photographer got some of that table. I think she did.

Like I said, bad pictures! But you get the idea...

I have also been busy getting out ducks in a row for foster care licensing. Monday we should have it all done, with the exception of Doug's TB test. I bought an infant seat yesterday, and today the crib went up. Got the screen to go in front of the pellet stove, the lock box for medications, the fire extinguisher....on and on it goes. 4 months of interviews, paperwork and tests. I'm glad they check people out so thoroughly, but it makes me wonder how some people get licensed...let's face it, there are some creeps doing foster care and I am baffled how they get through the very rigorous system. At any rate, it's a relief to be about done. Even though I told my husband I wanted to enjoy the summer and the horses before we accepted any newborns, I am dying to have a newborn around again and I know he is too.

If you would like to see Tori's graduation picutres, they should be up any day now here: Capture it Your Way

I am happily puttering about my kitchen when I get the chance- (busy these days running kids around) and also in my sunroom where I am growing herbs and tomatoes. I started some heirloom white tomatoes from seed and have 19 plants I just put int jiffy pots. I'll transplant them later into bigger pots outside after the wind dies down in June. Container gardening, milking goats, and shuttling kids around has left me no time for soaping. I am afraid I have fallen very, very behind in my soap making. Sad!

Well, it's time to switch laundry around and send my herd of teenagers outside for awhile.

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