Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Going to Do a Review For CSN Stores!

What fun!
Our little horse ranch gets lots of friends and family visiting- especialy in the summer, and with three teenagers in the house I often have extra kids staying here as well. Life isn't ever dull, that's for sure.

My living room has two nice leather sofa couches, but I really don't love it when guests sleep on them-wears them out so fast. With four kids now, and a baby coming soon from foster care, we just don't have any extra bedrooms for a guestroom like we had the first couple years here. The two older sofas in the family room are falling apart, they are so old and have had so much use as beds!

I'd love a sleeper sofa- that would solve the problem of where to put overnight guests, don't you think?
I was browsing this morning at  sofa sleepers and this one caught my eye- cute, huh? We'll have to see what I choose...I'm looking forward to shopping.

I have been contacted recently by CSN Stores to do a review or giveaway on my blog. Later on, I'd like to do a giveaway on my blog for you guys. What do you think? Would you participate? For now I'll do a review. They have everything in their stores- pet furniture, baby items, all kinds of outdoor furniture, kitchen things and household items galore. I really was impressed when I checked them out. The winner of the giveaway would get a gift certificate to use in their stores. Can't beat that!

 Look for my upcoming review! They have so many choices I don't know what I'll review, but it will be fun, no matter what!


  1. As one who wears out your leather couch, I love the idea of a sleeper sofa! The one you've chosen really looks nice. Go for it!

  2. Boy CSN has lots to choose from. Those sleeper sofas would come in handy, too bad you didn't think of it a few months ago, eh?

  3. ha ha ha Joni- wouldn't you rather sleep on a mattress?

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  5. okay Mike, sure. Email me at dailywalkinfarm@yahoo.com with details. Thanks~


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