Thursday, July 22, 2010

Upcoming...& Tay's birthday

First off, happy birthday to my first-born son, Taylor. He is 16 today and one of my best buddies as well as one of my precious children. He is handsome, sweet, kind, and very smart.

The girl in the picture is my first-born. Her birthday is next week! 18. Sheesh, I'm aging.

There's been so much going on it's like life is a whirlwind. We had that crazy 10,000 acre fire here, and besides being busy driving teenagers here, there, and everywhere, I have been trying to thin out the "herds" here. I'd like to sell two horses and two dairy goat doelings. With so many animals to care for, and a foster baby coming any day or night, I think it's all a bit much. I tend to load myself down. Don't we all?

The horse market isn't as bad as it used to be...last year people were just leaving horses they couldn't feed in fields and other people's pastures- it was nuts! This year the market seems to be healthy again, but it's hard to find just the right home for an animal that has been part of the family. I had a lady offer a trade for Kito...which was too funny! She wanted to trade a bedroom vanity  and a bed frame for him. I had to say no, I happen to love my pine log furniture, but it did make me smile!

Also, for those who know me, remember that I have some tattoos B.C. that I really regret. (B.C. is "before Christ" as I refer to my life prior to meeting the greatest love of my life)
One is a peace sign, which my husband told me was an upside down broken cross. Have you ever heard that? Freaked me out. SO, I am thinking about getting brave enough to have that covered with something else since I cannot afford a laser to remove it. What do you think about covering it with a sea turtle? If I get brave enough to visit a tattoo parlor...and that's a big if, since it's been over 20 years since I have and I am just not that person anymore...I may do it.

I will be doing more reviews and giveaways for CSN's 200 + websites and I'm looking forward to that. Check them out! When I do a giveaway, the winner wins $80 to spend. Seriously! It's fantastic. Look over their websites and let me know what you would like to spend that $80 on if you won; and let me know what you think about the sea turtle tattoo scheme.

I'll do a review again first, then a giveaway, so be looking out for those. 

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  1. Love those two sweet children!! Love you too my dear friend :)

  2. I took a class one time years ago about symbols and was told that the peace sign was a broken down cross so I have stayed away from them but these days it seems they are on all the kids clothing again........I talked to my mother about it and she said she had never herd that and to her it just ment peace and was from the old hippy days.... truly though now, I think it is just a sign that means peace, it might of ment a broken down cross to some at one time who knows.....I seem to have a little more freedom these day in that I serve a great big God and so I kinda think that if it's just a peace sign to you then that is what it is...just a peace sign...I could be wrong though


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