Friday, July 23, 2010


Here are some recent pictures of us~

Me, watching Tay read his birthday card
Tay opening a gift; G. in the background

Me, looking "gangsta" (I was told) man, the sun does bad things to my hair and skin...I need a spa day.
Handsome Doug and Tori. Her hair was red that week.

Tor, hair black this week. ugh.
Ben, running out of patience, and looking tough with a black eye from his buddy Jacob. Sword fighting duels!

Doug and the kids at the dinner table.


  1. Excellent! Lovely to 'meet' you all.

  2. ahh sweet Ben to put up with such a friend like Jacob. Sorry again! love the pictures

  3. SO good to see all your beautiful faces. Miss you guys!!! Dalyn - gangsta my're gorgeous dahling!!

  4. Yes, ditto, gorgeous! The sun does great things to your skin and hair, must be that goats milk soap, huh??! How fun to see pictures of your family! Thanks for sharing:)


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