Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Christians and Popular Fertilizer...Wrong Fruit?

I get so confused when Christians get the Harry Potter books, and videos, and now the Twilight stuff for their kids. Why endorse this kind of darkness when there is so much else that is good, true, and light available? Why choose those things over good things? Why choose them at all, I know, but I have good friends who let this stuff in thier homes. I'm not gonna judge, I'm just askin'...what kind of fruit are we trying to grow here? That stuff smells like fertilizer all right, but not the kind I'm thinkin' I want. Wrong fruit. Bad fruit. Whatever goes in must come out. It will manisfest itself somehow.

I'm bringing it up because I love those people and their kids. Believe me, I'm not just trying to act "holier than thou" or being nosy...I don't have time for that- or the stomache anymore, thank the  Lord.

 Now that I have had one kid walk away from Jesus straight to the world and all of it's deceit- led there by music, books, and movies that I did not approve of I think, I will be more careful than ever. A kid who wants to go that way, probably will no matter what we do, but why help?! Granted, my daughter was a wayward girl always, and was bound to end up like she has as soon as she was able to get away from constraints, but at least I know I didn't help her become what she has. Listen to this video...it's so relelvant. Really.

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  1. Dalyn, I totally and utterly agree, and will be showing this to hubby when he gets home. Thanks for sharing.


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