Saturday, August 21, 2010

CSN Stores Review: Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2 Qt. Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker

PS- I forgot to say this comes with a great little recipe book!

I ordered this machine from, a CSN store.
When I ordered it, they very politely upgraded me to priority shipping, and the shipping was free! (best of all). There were several machines to choose from. I was looking for something simple, that didn't require rock salt. If I decide to make something, I want to do it now- not have to make a trip to the store for something. So, this machine fit the bill, plus it's very attractive. I like things to look nice if they are going to be in the kitchen getting used alot. Just one of my weird quirks.

It took about 10 days to get this little darling, but it was well worth the wait. I couldn't believe how light-weight it was. A big plus for me, and probably most people since storage is always an issue, and who wants to lug a heavy machine off a shelf every time you need it?

I was confused at first at how really simple this was. There is a base, the freezer bowl, the stirring ring, and a lid with a hole in the top. There's a little compartment on the bottom to store the cord too. Tidy. That's it. I kept looking for more parts, literally; I rechecked the box a few times, and read the instruction booklet twice. I just couldn't believe it could be this easy.

Well, it is! This wonderful machine is easy to use, to store, to clean; you just rinse it out with cool water.It's even better than I had hoped when I ordered it.
It makes two quarts at a time, in 30 minutes or less. I have made icecream almost every day for the past two weeks. It's that easy. (and I have a new baby in the house and am sleep-deprived!)

Since I like to eat raw whenever I can, I have come up with a base for raw icecream, then I add to it to change flavors.
 Here's the base: 4 or 5 cups raw milk (goat milk, freshly milked and strained and still warm, in my case) add to that 1/3 cup brown sugar or 1/4 cup raw honey, 2 beaten organic free-range egg yolks, a pinch of sea salt, and a dash of vanilla. I blend it up and pour it in a 2 quart jar that goes in the fridge. Whenever I find I have the time, I'll just take that chilled mixture out and pour it into my machine. (the freezer bowl stays in the freezer at all times, except when in use, at my house)
Here are a couple of my favorites:

~Chocolate Banana Walnut~
to the base mixture I add 2 mashed, ripe bananas and 1/4 cup dark cocoa powder. After mixing in the machine for about 20 minutes I add raw walnut pieces.
(this is delicious!)

~Chocolate Banana Peanutbutter~
Same as above but omit nuts and add spoonfuls of peanutbutter.

~Fresh Picked Peach~
Add a pinch of cinnamon to the base, and then aftern 20 minutes add two ripe, juicy sliced peaches.
*This is really so good you could eat it all!

My husband has fallen in love with my icecream. This is funny, because he's a total health nut now (I finally Jedi-Mind-Tricked him) and a Cross-fit die-hard who plans on competing again, so he really eats well. My icecream is a treat, but it's not nearly so guilt-inducing as store-bought, and not anywhere close to as expensive as the gourmet health food icecream, which still has preservatives, etc. in it.

I have yet to make a sorbet, but I'm sure it will be divine and easy. I would definately recommend this product to any individual or family that likes a healthier dessert option, and being more frugal as well. Not to mention "green"! I use my own containers to store the finished icecream in the freezer, wash them, and re-use them.

 This machine easily made the cost back this month alone. I get milk every day from my own goats, eggs from my own hens, and in my neck of the woods, good, ripe fruit in season is plentiful and easy to get. So really, we have lived like kings on  cold, yummy icecream most summer evenings this month, for hardly anything.

My husband says to make sure I tell you he loves this machine, and he loves the icecream!
I really like delighting my family with homemade goodies, and it does make me proud that they look forward to it at night. "What kind did yo make today, mom?" asked with big eyes and a bigger smile...


  1. Hi Dalyn! I was given two gift cards to Bed, Bath, and Beyond in May, and I selected this jewel as my gift. I love it's simplicity as well. However, my ice creams have all turned out gritty. It's that ice-milk texture. I like thick, creamy, smooth ice cream. What am I doing wrong? I SO want to adore my new machine, but so far... not so much. :-) Any suggestions? (I ca't wait to try out your recipes- and maybe that will solve the mystery.

    P.S. I"m milking nigerian dwarfs.

  2. Michelle, mine is just icemilk too, but it is creamy. If you aren't opposed to cooking the milk, go ahead and make the custard base first, and that should make it pretty smooth and creamy. I like mine raw. Every goat, as you know, is different too, and maybe the girl I'm milking this year has really super fat milk. I suppose you could look at what you are feeding, and the place you are in lactation cycle too. It all plays a part, as I'm sure you know. Let me know!

  3. Hi Dalyn, I'm considering getting this ice cream maker and wondered how it has held up and if you are still enjoying it? I'm sure it would work with raw cow's milk but do you know how it would work with rice milk, almond milk, or yogurt?

  4. Janet this machine is holding up great and we really give it a work out! Love it! Yes, it will work with all kinds of milk but you will get different results. I just use raw goat milk.


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